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Stryx Writing

by Candybarz

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At the moment, just 1 (one) piece featuring some Draco Stryx.

I wrote this piece for SheepMomther (, featuring her Stryx, Mocha, and Acceril's ( Stryx, Avira. If I need to do anything to meet any posting requirements, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible!




The trees shivered in the cool night as the moon brushed them with its soft light. A ripple of starlight off of silvery wings was the sole betrayer of the two majestic creatures drifting silently just below the treeline. Cloaked in the silence of night, Avira touched down, talons making no sound as they hit the damp earth. Mocha followed swiftly behind, his eyes immediately darting about their surroundings in search of their much desired resources.

Dark clouds drifted through the air on a gentle breeze, bringing with them the smell of rain that had recently fallen. Each cloud that passed shrouded the world in black as the two Stryx(es?) searched. Their noiseless footsteps left subtle marks in the wet soil, and their long feathered tails dragged through the soft, moist bed of fallen leaves. Their eyes were trained to hunt, and their pupils were wide in the expansive darkness. As they passed by piles of foliage, they sunk their mighty claws into the ground, hoping to receive a reward. Their sharp claws ripped through the marshy terrain with ease, tearing divets in the softened landscape. They took great care to rummage through the undergrowth, but not damage any potential findings.

Lithely, they wove through the thicket of trees, stopping frequently to dig into the rich soil and occasionally to share an accomplished look. The moonlight hardly graced the ground through the cover of the forest while they prowled, but they kept their heads tucked low and angled towards their goal. Their eyes flickered to each gleam the sky cast on a dew-tipped leaf, their heads swiveling with each suspicious looking plant they passed.

Mocha arose, taking a quick break from his so far unsuccessful search. Silently, his eyes met Avira’s. The more experienced Stryx dropped his gaze, motioning his companion towards a clump of ground where he hoped they could successfully unearth a treasure. Mocha followed the subtle movement, and stalked fluidly on top of the mound. His sharp claws bore into the marshy dirt and his eyes focused in on his task. Gradually, his scratching slowed to a halt, and his feathers puffed in approval. He dipped down, collecting his prize in his beak, and turned back to Avira. Strutting forward, he gave the ghostly bird a light headbutt in appreciation for his help. A gentle coo slipped through his beak, the cool and reserved bird letting down his shell for a split second. He reverted his eyes, searching for their next target, and continued through the woods in their winding path. 

They searched through the darkness for hours, their talons scraping the cold ground and their feathers fluffed to keep out the dampened chill. The cold deepened, and frost began to creep up from the tips of flowers and leaves. Their small collection of gathered treasures had gradually grown from under the watchful eye of the moon, leaving them proud of their accomplishments but tired by their efforts. Sharing one last, exhausted glance, they unfolded their wings and swooped off with their bounty.


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