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by tophatgoat

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To say Hob was lost would likely be an understatement of the current situation he found himself in. It had now been three days of him wandering in what he thought was the right direction, but likely it had just led him further from home. Normally he would have flown up to get his bearings or possibly even climbed up the trees if they were big enough. Not this time though.

Hob held his right wing out from his side at an awkward angle, the wing bent at a slightly unnatural angle. The pain that had originally been sharp and radiating had dulled to a steady thrum that the corva was able to ignore for the most part. Losing his footing and tumbling down a cliff side hadn’t been something he wanted to experience again. Exploring a forest he wasn’t familiar with hadn’t been the smartest thing in the world, but then again Hob wasn’t known for his brilliance.


The corva shifted his injured wing with a grimace before looking around his surroundings. He had been following a deer path for a few hours now in the hopes it would bring him to water. The sun was blazing overhead, filtered through the leaves yet still incredibly hot. In the distance the song of the cicada was a near constant and never seemed to change in volume. Much of the plant life was dry from the lack of rain.

The last thing Hob had been expecting was for a cara to dart out from brush, face and feet green with streaks of blue along them. The rest of her feathers were shades of brown. She yelped and leapt back, her feathers fluffing out in fear.


“Who are you?” she shrieked as she bounced from foot to foot. Her tail was swinging wildly behind her while her wings seemed unable to stay still for a moment.

“I- um. I’m Hob? Who are you?” Hob managed to sputter out. In any other circumstance he might have been more suave but he was in pain and hungry. Not to mention he wasn’t expecting to come across another stryx, let alone one who didn’t outright attack him (while he understood being territorial, sometimes he wished he could at least sit and have a conversation).


“You can call me Flash. What are you doing here? There’s not much to see. Besides,” the cara gestures with her wings in a wide arc, “Don’t you know there are dangerous creatures that wouldn’t think twice about eating you for lunch?”

“Dangerous creatures? Like what?”

“Large snakes with mouths the size of small buildings, river monsters that leap up out of the water to grab you, the list goes on and on.”

Hob gave the cara an incredulous look and snorted. “I’ve seen my fair share of danger, I think I’ll be okay.”

“How would you even begin to think about getting away from them with that banged up wing of yours? Your mobility is zilch right now.”

“Well, I can run fast?”

“Right, see how that works out for you when a lumbering deer-bear charges you from the treeline.” Flash paused and took a breath before continuing. “Alright look, I’d feel bad leaving you here without offering to help. My den isn’t far from here and I can try and patch up that wing with what I have. It won’t be much but it should at least help”

“You don’t have to,” Hob blurts out. “It seems like you were busy doing something.”

“Just patrolling, making sure there isn’t something creeping out here. I can finish that later. C’mon, I have some meat you can have as well.”

“That sounds nice...actually. Thank you.”
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