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Gone Fishing

by GooeyNewt

Libraries: Fantasy, OriginalFiction

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A familiar corva takes residence in the sky, sun streaming across her back like the calm waves of the sea beneath her. There are few clouds hanging overhead, no storm expected in the area and little traffic from sailors keeping Aloha company. She doesn't mind the solitude, creating her own entertainment as she soars high in the sky. A soft bubble of laughter escapes her as she spins into a dive, wrapping herself in her wings before spreading them wide to cut through the water's surface with feather tips. The water here has already begun to chill, no longer warmed by the reigning heat of a fading summer. Movement to her left draws her attention and she returns to high altitude, circling like a vulture to cast a shadow on the area far below. The native aquatic fauna are aware of the predator scoping their home, huddling closer together in hopes of leading a neighbor into her claws instead of themselves. Round and round she circles, slowly sinking lower and lower until she swiftly hurtles into the water. The school of fish try to disperse and make room for her, but they're backed too tightly together to get far without slamming into one another. Aloha propels herself upward so she can breathe, empty clawed but no less pleased with herself than when she began fishing. Again she circles and dives, over and over until the fish have grown wise enough to break apart in groups and reform their school elsewhere. It's good practice, a new technique being honed and perfected with adjustments on every attempt. She returns to the sky once more, ridding her wings of excess water with great flaps that carry her into the clouds. Flying over the open sea is freeing, a new adventure and opportunity within reach if one knows where to go and what to look for. The wind is her guide, steering every shift of direction until she finds herself in an area few ships dare to venture into. Her healthy coat of feathers do well in shielding her from the chill of autumn, hardly a shiver forming despite how many times she went in the water. She now approaches a place for the untamed and fearless, where the wild gather for their thrills. Thunderhead greets her there, his grin wide and eager for a day of fun. "I was starting to think you went chicken on me Hawaii Blue," he teases with shameless mirth. "I wanted to make you feel on time since you're always late," she playfully responds. They share a moment of laughter, landing on the remains of a ship wrecked by rocks as dark as the water. A flock of birds fly free from the remains, having stopped for a moment of rest during their migrations. Once settled on his feet after the sudden departure, Thunderhead is searching for something or someone, watching the waves closely for unnatural movements. He finds what he's looking for quickly, Aloha apparently arriving on time as a dark blue, nearly black tail peaks out from the water. The male stands taller with excitment, practically hovering without moving his wings before urging Aloha sharply. "It's her! Come on, let's fish!!" The two stryx take off after the creature of the sea, following her bioluminescent glow that lights the water around her. She's massive, much larger than any whale Aloha has seen and moving with a sense of urgency. Every flex of her tail is an impressive feat, mesmerizing the tabby corva as more marine animals are attracted to the glow like a moth to open flame. Aloha can feel a pull like nothing she's experienced before, flying lower and lower before Thunderhead knocks her off course with a less than gentle headbutt. "Don't watch!" He shouts despite how close they're flying together. It's necessary. Her head feels a little muggy and his words sound like he's talking to her while her head is underwater. She shakes her head a few times in attempt to rearrange her thoughts, now focusing her attention on Thunderhead who knows where to go without having to look at their massive third party. He suddenly stops with a grin, making quick loops around Aloha to herd her out of the way. "Now watch!" They both look down at the glowing behemoth, watching as she begins to make a slow circle. The other creatures who joined them continue to follow, their hypnotized paces too slow to keep up as she picks up pace. She swims faster and faster, creating a whirlpool that traps those unfortunate enough to fall into her trance. Thunderhead nudges Aloha forward before gliding into the fray, riding the whirlpools urging pull to get close without actually getting pulled into the water. "She makes fishing easy!" Aloha follows his lead, wobbling slightly before finding her center of balance and gliding in a loose circle at the edge of the whirlpool. There's an impressive variety to the animals the behemoth lured; whales, squids, sharks, rays, hundreds of unfortunate animals that would never be found travelling together now gathered under her sway. Aloha seizes the moment to snatch a quick snack, forcing her way free of the whirlpool's pull just as Thunderhead comes to lead her away. "It's her turn!" He calls gleefully. Aloha looks down to watch their friend fish, but finds the leviathan is no longer in sight. Just as she prepares to question Thunderhead, the bioluminescent behemoth lights up entirely. During Aloha's fishing she began swimming downward and now she was surfacing with the speed and danger of a torpedo. Maw gaping wide, she inhaled the animal's she trapped as well as the slowly shrinking whirlpool she created before breaking the surface of the water. Aloha could now get a clearer look at the aquatic creature from up close, thick scales like armor covering her from head to tail instead of the smooth skin one expected from whales. A large eye locked gazes with the corva, stealing the stryx's breath before a sudden mist of water was being spat into the air. Like a whale using its blowhole, the leviathan was purging the excess water from her body, intentionally soaking her stryx friends in the process. Smaller animals were able to escape with the water, an octopus with damaged tentacles landing on Aloha's neck like a carelessly applied scarf.

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