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Realm of Serpents Stories

by SilveryStormWing

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Collection of writing I'm doing for Realm of Serpents! The non-mature stuff will be posted here, the more violent ones will be posted behind the red curtain. - Sequential stories will be noted as such, otherwise assume it's a one-shot. Please visit the group for more info on the lore: - And this folder to see the characters I will be using! - WARNING: Though these stories may not contain excessive blood or gore, they do contain non-graphic descriptions violence and occasionally distressing character death. Please do not read if you are not in the right headspace. Stories that contain such things will be noted as such at the beggining of the story.

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Chapter 2, Rumors

Characters: Bozhi


“Psst! Hey!” 

Bozhi moaned and rolled over, trying to bat away the voice that was invading her sleep. It was… late? Early? Either way, it was one of the few times she had been able to get some good sleep in, and now someone was coming here and disturbing her? Something tugged at her blankets and she hissed in protest. 

“Come on, it’s Zhutkiy's eve! We got a candle and everything, and we’re going to tell scary stories!” 

Bozhi moaned in protest again, but dragged herself out of her very warm, comfy bed. As promised, there was a candle, and the other four recruits were sitting around it, looking excited and worried. They were worried for good reason. If stupid-ass Vlas found them out of bed at this time at night, and with a stolen candle no less, well… things wouldn’t be pretty. 

Anastasia grinned at her delightedly from across the candle, the wavering light picking out her cheekbones and brow in sharp relief, giving her a creepy appearance. For that matter, all the others; Roman, Vika and Nadya looked more like phantoms than their usual drab daytime appearances. Bozhi blinked, decided it was sleep deprivation and bad lighting that was making their faces waver against the darkness of the midnight dormitory, and settled down with her back against a cot. 

She tried to stay awake as Anastasia started her story, something about a serial killer escaping from a prison and killing their old family…? Her head began to bob lower and her eyelids fluttered as Roman dragged on and on about some ghost of a famous person coming back to haunt their family… or was it the cat?

She was on the verge of giving up and snoring when usually quiet Nadya leaned in towards the candle with a thoughtful expression on her face. 

“I have a story,” Nadya said slowly, and Bozhi was startled by the melodicism of her voice. “I have a story,” she repeated slowly, as if testing out the words. “That is not like the ones that have been already told. This one is about a real person.” 

Bozhi was wide awake now. She gleaned around at the others, and they were all completely enraptured. 

“This one is about a Talon named Solomon.” 

“Now this Talon is strange. He joined late, later than most do, and he came from outside of Ironbrook. Not much is known about him, but it is rumoured that he killed his own family.” 

Bozhi shared a glance with the others. Now that was hardcore. 

“But that’s not all. He came to Ironbrook as a trained runesmith, but he’s not an Ibis, he’s a Vulture. He’s such a scary one too, that despite all the ads that his superiors make him put out for training to become a runesmith, nobody has taken him up on that offer.” Nadya paused, a delighted look on her face. “Ever,” she stressed. 

Bozhi tried not to show her shock at this announcement. A trained runesmith…? Offering training? This… this could be it. This could be the thing that showed her parents and that stupid-ass vlas, showed them that she was worthy and capable. She leaned in eagerly, anxious to learn about this ‘Solomon,’ but wary of showing it. 

“Now, part of the reason why not much is known about him is that he came from Xocrium, and he was a dragonslayer. There are rumours of the experiments he would do on dragons that the other knights incapacitated, and how he would carve runes into their bodies with a knife.”

Bozhi blinked at this, suddenly worried, but dismissed the rumour as an inflation of the truth. Maybe he liked to carve runes onto dragon scales?

“And when he came over to Xocrium, apparently he and his moonviper friend killed everyone on the ship, so when it arrived in port, there were just bodies and blood everywhere!” Bozhi exchanged skeptical glances with the others. That seemed a bit much. But they didn’t want to interrupt, so they swallowed their doubts. 

“Now you’d think that things can’t get much worse with this guy, right? But they do. There are stories about someone insulting him and then turning up dead or driven mad sometime in the next week. And you may think that it’s just the ones that insult him to his face, but he actually lets those ones get off with major injuries. It’s the ones that don’t even bother to say it to his face and just go behind his back that are the worst cases. 

“Those ones, well. Sometimes they can’t identify the bodies and only know who it was by who doesn’t show up the next day. But you can always tell it was him by the weapons used- knives. Always knives. He is said to have a collection of them in his apartment, knives of all shapes and sizes. If anyone so much as touches them, well, he got told off by his superiors for causing too many fatalities among the chicks stupid enough to try. 

“People think he’s a necromancer because of his strange eyes, but nobody has ever seen him use necromancy. Well, and live to tell of it. He’s also got a scar,” Nadya traced a finger from her forehead down through her right eye, “That goes right through his eye. The eye is clouded over, but some people claim to see it staring at them at times.

“Lastly, though, he has a habit of getting everywhere. You could annoy him, go home, lock the doors and windows, and he’d be there, sitting at a table when you turned around.

“It’s said,” she leaned in even closer, and Bozhi, unable to resist, did the same, “that even his superiors are scared of him.” 

Bozhi was about to ask more, but then Nadya grinned evilly and blew out the candle. The chaos that erupted from that indignity lasted for a while, and when it was done, Bozhi crawled into bed, too exhausted to anything but sleep. I’ll look into it in the morning, she told herself.

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