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CONTROL (Stryx 10010)

by mischievous-akuma

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Dracostryx Training entry for Dracostryx (Inferno) 10010 [ 3/5 ]

It has been two months since Inferno has been home with me and he has grown a considerable amount since I bought him. I thought he was fully grown but he proved otherwise. Our nightly hunts for food had to be stopped as he could no longer safely travel under the trees without risk of poking out an eye on the upper branches. Inferno would follow me to the edge of the woods and wait while I went out to hunt for his meal. Tonight however was going to be different. 

I got home earlier than I usually did today which surprised Inferno as I entered my backyard. The large Harpia made his way over to me, his feathers ruffled in excitement. I greeted him running my hand through his cheek feathers as he bent down to greet me. He had grown stronger as well as he was able to effortlessly jog over to me without stumbling. “I think it's time for a bit of an adventure, don’t you Inferno?” I questioned him. “I will be right back” I told him as I turned to get some warmer clothes from the house. 

I turned the key in the lock, letting myself into my house. Turning on the light I quickly grabbed an apple to nibble on as I continued my way through my house towards my room and closet. Taking off my hat, I grabbed my brush and combed out the knots in my curly black hair. Heading over to my bathroom I washed the grime off my pale face and brushed my teeth clean.  Heading back out into my room I took off my work clothes and replaced them with a long sleeved shirt and pair of sweatpants. Next I grabbed a sweatshirt and pulled it over my head. When I was done I placed my woolen hat back on my head. I still looked pale so I reapplied my red lipstick as per usual. When I was satisfied I grabbed my jacket and headed back outside. 

There the red Harpia, Inferno, waited for me. His yellow eyes turned towards my direction waiting patiently as he could muster. “Tonight...” I said slowly “we are going to find another hunting spot” I told him. He tilted his darkened red face to the side and let a low squawk type noise escape as if to question me where. I laughed and told him “you will see! Now come on!” I said as I started for my motorcycle.

I turned on the engine and moved the kickstand back out of the way. I placed my helmet on my head before slowly moving the bike forward before revving the engine and down the street I drove. Inferno loved this as he followed me without question. It allowed him to run with me alongside him. He could not fly yet as he did not have enough strength to lift himself off of the ground. He would flap his wings though in order to propel himself forward while he chased after me. 

Everyday the leaves on the trees turned more colourful on the branches. My high beams highlighting their changing colours in the darkness of night. I could hear the crunch of the dried dead leaves under Inferno’s feet as he raced after me. I slowed my bike down as we were close to where our destination was. The cool night air froze my lungs every time I breathed in. If I looked close enough I could faintly see vapour as I breathed out. 

We were outside the city limits now as my high beams are our only source of man made light. The moon shined its light down on the mountain side we were going to train and hunt on.The constellations our only source of direction once we were up at a higher altitude as the cell reception was spotty even this far out of town at ground level. 

The path we were going to travel on was just up ahead one kilometer away. It was more open with less trees to block him and had fallen trunks and rock outcrops Inferno could practice on. It was an area where more fully grown stryx came to practice as wild stryx roamed the mountain side and sky. 

I came to a crawl on my motorcycle as I closed the distance to the path. When we were a few feet away I turned the motor off and balanced it on its kickstand. Pocketing the key and removing my helmet I hid it behind some brush nearby the road. Content with how it was hidden I turned to Inferno who was eyeing the mountain side with curiosity. 

“We are here” I stated the obvious to Inferno who was busy looking around, feathers raised in excitement. His fire flecked yellow orbs bore into mine as he questioned my intent bringing him here. Walking towards him I gave him a quick tap on his beak before yelling “TAG YOU’RE IT!” and dashing for the brush. 

Inferno looked around in utter panic before I decided to show myself. “UP HERE!” I called to him “COME ON!” I tried encouraging from a rock outcrop up a few feet from him just out of reach. I waited until he caught sight of me and relaxed before I took off again scrambling to the next rocky outcrop. 

He let out an annoyed screech in frustration as he could not quite get his footing. The path was not too steep that I could climb rather quickly but for him to follow he would have to learn how to flap his wings in order to propel himself upward after me.

He was a fast learner though as he flapped his wings repeatedly when he jumped from where he stood. He tumbled the first few times back down until he got the hang of it. Soon enough he was flying after me to each new spot. I would climb higher and he would wait until I appeared again before flying upward to the new spot beside me. His landings were getting better as well, though he still wobbled if his footing was not right when he landed. 

When we reached the destination I had in mind Inferno’s attention was to the locked cooler slightly hidden from prying eyes. We were situated on the first lookout of the mountain path. It was big enough for two Gryphons so plenty of room for him to stretch out and relax. 

I chuckled as I walked over to the cooler, digging in my pocket for my keys. I had taken the afternoon off to bring up the cooler with Inferno’s supper inside. Pulling it out from where I had wedged it, I unlocked the lock I added to keep wild Stryx out of it. 

While Inferno enjoyed his meal I took the time to look out over the edge of the lookout. The mountain side was lined with pine trees as far as the eye could see. It was when Inferno came to nudge me that I realized he was done with his meal. 

I scratched the spot above his beak as he nuzzled into me. His feathers appeared black in the moonlight and glowed a fiery red where light reflected off of them. I continued to scratch him until the cold air caught up with me. I shivered, signaling to us both that it was time to go home. 

I made my way down as Inferno followed. This time it was me who had to catch up with him as he descended a lot faster than myself. When he discovered he did not need to flap his wings to descend he jumped off the rocky outcrop and glided to the base of the mountain. 

I was grateful he did not leave me from the beginning of our descent and only on the last two outcroppings of rocks at the beginning of the trail. When I finally climbed down he was waiting for me curled up beside my motorcycle. 

“Touché” I grumbled at him. I ruffled his feathers to show I was only joking and not mad with him. Quite the opposite actually, I was proud of this Stryx more than he knew. “Let’s go home, love.”

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