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The Great Saiyan Man

by NegativeZero

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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Gohan is mai name, / But the people here don't knoe,...

Gohan is mai name,
But the people here don't knoe,
They only knoe me by Saiyan Man,
Because its up and away we go,
Mai girlfriend is Videl,
Sometimes I think shes cute,
But shes cuter when shes angry,
At robbers with the loot,
Im a hero that stands for justice,
I try to right the wrongs,
But sometimes the bad guys get away,
Cuz mai catch phrase is too long,
But do not worrie mai fellow friends,
For I wont let you down,
I'll catch the bad guys and put them in jail,
Even though this outfit makes me look like a clown.

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