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BRAVERY Stryx 10010

by mischievous-akuma

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Dracostryx Training entry Dracostryx (Inferno) 10010 [ 5/5 ] & my friend, vampyrowo's, Stryx Noctis 3273 with permission~

It was a gorgeous fall day when Azriel decided to call her friend, Pyre, to ask if they would like to join her stryx Inferno’s first hunt with their Harpia Noctis. The wind picked up and blew the light crunchy leaves around her while she disconnected the call when the plans were made. She picked a few of them stuck in the crevices of her clothing and they fell to the ground beside the carved jack-o-lanterns her workplace had on display. She took one last deep breath of the crisp cool air before she headed back inside from her break. She had work to do before their adventures tonight. 


It was just after sunset when Azriel arrived home to greet Inferno. The stars above shone brightly in the sky; no clouds in sight. Moonlight illuminated the expanse of her backyard. The shadows danced across the house, trees and shrubs as a car drove by. 

Azriel had changed at work for tonight's hunt. She wore her leather red jacket that she had recently lined with lambswool. It was long enough to cover her legs to mid calf and slit in the back to allow her to sit and move with ease. She tied her long curly back hair into a low ponytail before sweeping it back under her woolen hat. Her red painted lips quirked into a smile as Inferno realised she was home to come and greet her.

The red Harpia sauntered over to the shed where they greet one another. Inferno purred while she scratched his cheek, ruffling his feathers. Unlocking the door Azriel made short work retrieving it and tacking up Inferno. Just as she was tying the last strap a screech rang out from the sky. Large gusts of wind were produced by the Harpia before them. 

Noctis, Pyre’s Harpia, landed a little ways from them with a thump. He was much older than Inferno, and larger too. His wing span must have been over thirty five feet, close to forty. His quarts colour feathers gleamed in the flight while his scorched markings helped dull the illumination off him from the moonlight. 

Sitting up on the back of Noctis was Ariel's friend, Pyre. He waved in greeting with his gloved hand. Pyre was an enchanted pumpkin demon. He had the body of a human but the head of a white pumpkin. Azriel was not human herself but something other so she did not judge him. Tonight Pyre wore his usual outfit: A short jacket, skinny legged pants clad with knee high boots, elbow length gloves, and topped off with his signature witch hat and cape.  

Inferno gave her a questioning look at Pyre and then a puzzled look at Azriel. She giggled and told him “no not that one. Friend, not food” as she climbed on Inferno’s back. Once properly seated and at hearing height Pyre called over. “Hey friend! Are you ready for an adventure?” Azriel nodded and called over to him “Ready as I will ever be!” 

Pyre laughed before commanding Noctis to take flight. The large white Haripa did not hesitate as he seemed like he did not enjoy the company of others and flew high into the sky not waiting for them to follow. “Solitary one that one is! Let’s go!” Azriel hollered and Inferno followed suit; flying after Noctis and Pyre. 

Once Inferno had caught up with the older Harpia they flew silently beside one another enjoying the comfortable silence between them. Their feathers ruffled in the wind as they scoped out the land below for prey. Nocis and Pyre were first to spot them. Pyre waved to Azriel and then pointed down to the herd of deer in the valley below. Pyre made a follow me signal and Noctis was off. 

Azriel called to Inferno “let’s go!” before he soon followed suit and dove towards the unsuspecting deer. Noctis surprised the deer first and forced them to flee. While the deer were fleeing, Inferno dove from the opposite way. The deer in between the two Stryx were doomed. Noctis grabbed hold of a deer in his talons with ease, lifting it off the ground making it look easy. The deer landed with a sick thud. 

Inferno attempted the same but he used too much force coming down on the little deer. Instead of a controlled scoop and drop, his talons hit the deers side instead, impaling it. He managed to land with the deer still stuck to his talons. Freeing one foot Inferno balanced himself better before removing his prey from his other foot. 

“Well that is an interesting technique” Pyre remarked. “Not quite what we had in mind” Azriel chuckled in reply as she watched Inferno enjoy his meal. “Lots of time to perfect the art of killing” Pyre smiled devilishly. “Plus~” Pyre drew out “Noctis is still hungry”  he remarked. He then laughed before signaling to Noctis who was ready for his next snack to take off. 

Inferno’s fire flecked orbs locked onto Azriels icry blue ones. “Whenever you are ready,” she said gently. Inferno tilted his head before purring in response. He turned his head around and adjusted his stance before taking off once more into the cool night sky. 

Azriel was glad she had taken part in every aspect of his life. From gaining his trust, giving him confidence, refining control, and strengthening both his body and mind. Now Inferno has the courage to hunt and kill his own prey. Azriel could not be more pleased in her friend. To her Inferno was not just her pet and mount, but also a friend and family all combined into one. They were one with each other, and she looked forward to many more years together. 

Inferno’s quiet chortled screech caught her attention and did the trick. She must have been day dreaming as she snapped back to reality. Inferno, and Noctis with Pyre on his back, were circling another clearing with more deer below. This time they were going to take the lead. Azriel raised her hand for Pyre to see. He nodded in agreement that they could take the lead. With that they were off descending on the prey below. 

Noctis and Pyre not far behind bringing up the rear. Even if they missed it was a learning experience and Azriel loved every minute of it, this adventure and many more.  

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