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DoA - Drawlloween 2020

by Sketchies-ARPG

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A series of short stories involving Malachite and Spessartine... And their adventures through Dragon of Aquellas' Drawlowween! Writing style!

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Chapter 1, Seasoning of the Witch

Panic was starting to set in.

Spessartine was meant to be coming over soon, and Malachite just had not had the time to harvest the seasoning that he needed for their meal! This was disastrous, it was the end of the world, he had no idea just what he was meant to do.

Quickly, he dashed to a small market nearby, his emerald eyes scanning wildly for something. Anything he could use to salt the kelp jelly and give it a bit more spice. Almost quite literally a bit of extra spice. Unfortunately for him, the market was… Quite crowded, allowing very little room for him to even get into the handful of small stone-shelved stalls, their few different items placed on the shelving glimmering slightly through those crowds. Rumbling quietly, he approached the living sea of dragons, colours of oranges, reds, blues, golds, pale and those of glimmering colours moving briskly from stall to stall, the items rapidly disappearing as they traded various items.

Fortunately, Malachite wasn’t too interested in any of that. He had a bigger problem to face!

He flicked his tail, slowly managing to swim forward, carefully zig-zagging between the larger crowd. Occasionally, he had to push them aside to get through, some giving the smaller dragon a frustrated look for that. Malachite did his best to ignore them as he squeezed through the packed area, carefully avoiding spined and horned dragons, not wanting to get himself accidentally pricked on them.

But from stall to stall he travelled, quickly glancing at their wares before moving on. The more he looked, the less he was still able to find and the more his options were beginning to dwindle. Slowly, his heart began to fall. How was he meant to impress her without the seasoning… It was such a crucial part of the dish he wanted to finish off!

After what seemed like an eternity of battling stronger, larger dragons for a position to look at their store, he managed to catch a glimpse of the last two stalls, his face pulling into a small frown. One seemed to be selling shells…

The other, kelp.

Nothing had sold the seasoning he so desperately needed for his kelp jelly, or at least, they had no more supplies.

Sighing softly, knowing his meal was now doomed to failure, the emerald dragon turned away from the last two stalls, unable to find what he wanted. His face downcast, carefully swimming away from the bustling markets, but something caught his eye. A quick exit to the hoards of dragons trying to snatch up the last few bargains for the days.

A gap between those final two stalls. Swimming over quickly, he used his small form to squeeze through a relatively small gap in the rocks. Grunting and groaning, he pushed his way through the small passage, flippers, pushing and wriggling to get through the gap, before popping out the other side, huffing as he turned his head around to look behind him at the large crack, smirking slightly as he had victoriously escaped the stampede!

But his expression turned to curiosity as he moved back down to the crack, a small, glass vial shimmering in the sand. Cooing with intrigue, he carefully scooped it up in his flippers, head tilting to the side as he observed the contents, watching as they seemed to be contained in the vial and still dry.

“A powder of sorts…?” The young dragon asked himself, tilting his head to the side, before a smile beamed on his face, hope soaring in his heart once more.

“Witch seasoning! Now that sounds like it could be tasty!”


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Featuring Malachite~!


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