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DoA - Drawlloween 2020

by Sketchies-ARPG

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A series of short stories involving Malachite and Spessartine... And their adventures through Dragon of Aquellas' Drawlowween! Writing style!

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Chapter 2, I'll try the Zombie Juice

Spessatine gave a small sigh, pouting the slightest as she turned her head back to Malachite, the emerald dragon humming happily by her side. "Do you really have to always sound so happy - it's just a drink!" 
The green dragon tilted his head to her, a grin flashing on his face, "But of course I do! It's something new and only available once every year." He said with a firm nod, while the mostly orange dragon just rolled her eyes. Despite his rather cheerful demeanour at that point in time rubbing off on her, she could feel herself begin to smile that little bit.
After all, she couldn't help but admit he was acting like a child! So excited over a drink...
Shaking her head and feeling his tail gently tug against her flipper, the pair continued through the ocean, colourful tropical fish swimming between the tall wispy kelp, the closer ones brushing against their sides with the gentle current. A few other dragons were in the distance, diving and swimming together, going this way and that, others further off hunting down their dinner. The light danced across the wispy flora, as well as her pale spines. 
Malachite hummed softly, his head moving back and forth as he felt her gaze rest on him, clearly questioning just where the pair were going. He flicked his tail as he let go of her flipper, pushing himself forward a little more, although forgetting his own speed as he somewhat accidentally left her behind. She struggled to keep up, his thin, lithe form cutting through the water, whereas her spines and slightly larger bulk made it that much more difficult for her.
Eventually, she caught back up with him, puffing quietly as she pulled in next to him as the duo were now in a large cave of sorts, glowing kelp lining it to give it some form of light. Malachite was talking excitedly, leaning on a stone counter as he spoke to the bartender of sorts, a variety of different sealed bottles behind him. 
"You have to try the drink." He sung, gesturing to the sign at the back, to which Spessartine felt her heart sink, reading the name of it. The bartender laughed softly, her expression simply one of shock, terror, disgust... 
Did she have to?
Did he really want her to try something with that vile of a name?!
First his 'witch seasoned kelp' and now this?!
Swallowing hard, she began to move away, before Malachite's flipper was against her shoulder, a large smile on his face, "Hey, don't be nervous," he said with a grin, watching as a second dragon came forward, placing a small pink and red flask in front of him, in return he passed over a few pearls, "It's really not that bad! Just try it." 
Spessartine looked at him in horror, then back at the drink as she now felt three expectant pairs of eyes on her. Swallowing hard, she used her teeth to pull out the cork, letting the mildly buoyant piece float away slightly. The substance in the vial was heavier than the water, staying in there as she shuddered, its appearance thick, gooey, disgusting... 
"Come on, it's not going to bite you." Malachite chuckled, smiling softly as he used his flipper to gently nudge her, "Don't keep us waiting."
The warm, excited smile on his face was mildly reassuring... Resignation slowly spread over her face as she nodded, sighing softly, "Alright... I'll try your... Your Zombie juice...." She groaned softly, raising the vial to her maw as she tipped the gooey drink in. 
Instantly, her mouth was alive, almost stinging with a painful sweetness, before those darker bits seemed to touch her tongue, overriding the flavour with such sourness it made her eyes water. She coughed and spluttered, placing the vial down, her eyes shooting a glaring dagger at him, Malachite reeling with laughter as she shook her head, her tongue partially out of her mouth to soak up the taste of the sea again and to rid itself of that disgusting taste.
"That's the last time I trust you!" She snapped, glaring at the trio, who were all trying, and failing, to hold in their laughter and those great big grins.
She'd get him back... One day!
Word count - 716
Featuring Malachite
And my other bean, Spessartine

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