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by Skryzein

Libraries: Fantasy, Mystery, Original Fiction

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A young Aqrion swims to the depths of the abyss. There, he'll face an unforgettable experience. aq326, aq328

Rozys swam aimlessly for a long time, trying to focus his thoughts on something else, such as, for example, what he would eat today. He wondered what he could do, maybe explore another new place and investigate every odd little thing he noticed around him. Maybe socializing a little more with other of his kind… Not a big fan of that though. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice how much time passed or where he was going, in fact he suddenly found himself in the middle of… Where, exactly? He studied his surroundings: it was chilly and dark; somehow with the tiny little bit of light present, he managed to distinguish rocky structures and strangely enough some glowing plants in the distance. He ended up in deep waters he didn’t recognize. In normal cases, you would notice other creatures swimming and minding their own business, but it wasn’t the case: the whole zone was almost empty, giving it an eerie and menacing atmosphere. His instincts screamed at him to get out of there, yet they were stifled by his curiosity. Being there made him smile and he took the opportunity to look at what the unknown offered him.
“Everything will be alright if I’m careful enough” he thought. Such naïve thoughts would give him a lesson, he was still too young to know that and he didn’t know what he was about to face all alone.
Rozys began to explore the place as best as he could considering the circumstances. He detected structures as strange as those of his birthplace: gigantic and in ruins, eroding and waiting to be found by a passer-by like him so as not to be forgotten. He also observed objects with the most eccentric shapes he had ever seen and, among them all, one in particular managed to capture his attention: it had an odd yet flat shape; it was something like glass and when light touched it, it returned a faithful image of what it was in front of it.
“What is this? Never seen something like that before, I think”
Rozys was looking at this particular thing, admiring it, until he noticed a small detail that broke all the magic: his own image. What was happening to it? He almost couldn’t recognize himself: there were no bright pink eyes nor clay-colored body, he saw a dark version of himself with eyes that looked like blood and skin like the night. Instead of being scared and swimming away to escape that nightmare, Rozys felt curious enough to get even closer -act that he shared with him- until they touched on the glass. He smiled and the glass shattered in a thousand pieces, causing small splinters to rip Rozys’s skin as they penetrated it and caused crimson liquid to flow out from his body.
That horrific image and the loud sound of the glass breaking made him back off quickly. As he tried to examine his own body to see the damage, a soft gasp escaped from his mouth: there were no signs of any kind of harm. When he approached the glass again, all it returned was an image of himself with a confused look. He tried to touch it again but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Still in some kind of trance, he repeated the action for the third time and… Nothing, everything was normal. What was that nightmare? Was he daydreaming or he just lost his head? Maybe it was the place, maybe it had something floating around... Before he could think anything else, he decided to leave the place. It was for the best this time, no joking.
He turned around and only then he realized what was behind him all this time: a sickly-looking bluish creature that seemed to be one of his kind, with multiple sprouts of some sort of parasite all over his body. Rozys remained motionless for a few seconds that seemed eternal and finally, the creature began to move slowly their head in random directions, as if trying to feel or detect something.
"What are they doing? Can’t they see me or they just want me to leave?"
He began to analyze the creature in detail: indeed, their entire head and face were covered by the parasite that infected them, it had taken their eyes and therefore had stolen their vision. Conclusion: yes, the creature couldn’t see him and was trying to “feel” their surroundings, somehow. And it worked, because as soon as they got close to Rozys he tried to avoid any contact. That was more than enough for the screature, who let out a deafening scream of its sore throat and lunged at him. Rozys began to swim as fast as his body allowed it, heading away from the depths of the abyss.
He turned only once to observe his pursuer and curiously, they didn’t move a inch; instead, they were letting out grieved shrieks, as if they were screaming stay.
SP count:
Aqrions depicted: Infested Garr 0328 (called "the creature") and Rozys 0326
WC (833): +16 SP
Event: +6 SP
Personal +2 SP (for both if I own Infested Garr)
Extra dragon: +4 SP (only for Rozys if I'm not Garr's owner and the queue is finished before Garr has been raffled)
Basic total for Infested Garr 0328 = 22
Basic total for Rozys 0326 = 24

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