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The Spookiz have a new student and Frankie made somewhat of an impression. Spookiz are the copyright properties of Keyring Studios. Goo is mine.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1: Meet the new student




Spookizis the copyright property of Keyring Studios/WildBrains.

Goois mine.

Chapter01: Meet the new student

It started as anyother school night in Bora Elementary. Cula was shooting spitballs atKebi, Kebi gets annoyed, KongKong was keeping a look out, Zizi wasadmiring Cula which makes him feel uncomfortable, and Frankie waseating a apple. Then KongKong alerted his classmates that theirteacher is coming. “He's on his way.” He returned to hisseat next to Cula.

Everyonestopped what they were doing and began to act like well behavestudents when Mr. Reaper entered the classroom. “Good Evening,Students.” He greeted.

GoodEvening, Mr. Reaper.” They returned the greeting.

Tonightwe have a new student.” Mr. Reaper announced.

Thestudents talked among themselves about this news. “Alrightsettled, down.” Reaper instructed. “Now I understand thatyou are not used to have someone else other than each other before,but let me assure you that there is nothing to worry about. I foundthis young one while I was on one of my patrol rounds. It wasquivering with fear when it was hiding the sewers.”

Great,I betcha this new kid probably smelled worst than Zizi for hiding thesewers.” Cula side whispered to KongKong, hoping that Mr.Reaper didn't hear him. KongKong just snickered a bit.

Soafter I it cleaned up a bit.” He gave a stern glare at Culawhich got the young vampire to sit up straight and pay attention. “Idecided to let it stay with us and attend class here.” Then Mr.Reaper turned to the doorway. “It's alright, you can come innow.”

Justnow a small green blob crawled into the classroom. The other Spookizwere a bit surprised by their new classmate. “This is Goo, andGoo will be living with us for now on. Say hello, Goo.”

Goojiggled and made wobbly sounds.

Thestudents just assumed that it's Goo's way of saying Hello. Mr Reapercontinue on. “As you can see, Goo is a Blob creature, and likemost blob creatures it doesn't have a gender. However Goo likes wildflowers and glitter, so lets all believe that Goo has a bit of afeminine side.”

Ziziwas happy to hear something like that. Maybe she can invite Goo toone of her tea parties.

Goo,why don't you take a seat over there.” Mr. Reaper pointed at avacant seat next to Frankie.

Goodid as Reaper Sam told and went over to Frankie. When Goo sit next toFrankie and smiled at him, but when Frankie saw Goo, he thought thatGoo was some kind of green candy and tries to eat it.

Luckilythe other Spookiz managed to stop him before he can devour their newfriend. “No Frankie! No! Goo is a friend! Not Food!” Kebidisciplined the big blue Frankenstein like monster as he and theother boys tried to restrained him.

Zizidid her best to comfort Goo down as it shook with fear.

Frankiesees that Kebi was right and now feels bad for trying to eat Goo. Hegrabs one of his apples and offers it to Goo to show it that he meansno harm.

Goocarefully sniffed the apple and just grabbed with it's mouth, butstill a bit afraid of Frankie.

UmMr. Reaper, maybe it would be a good idea if Goo sits somewhereelse.” Cula suggested.

Perhapsyou are right, Cula. Kebi, you sit next to Frankie, and Zizi, let Goosit next to you.”

YesSir.” Kebi and Zizi replied to Reaper and Kebi sat next toFrankie as Zizi escorted Goo to their desk.

Nowthat introduction are done, perhaps we should get to tonight'slesson” Mr. Reaper started writing the pedagogy on theblackboard.

Nicegoing, Frankie. Now Goo maybe too afraid to go even near you.”Kebi was just upset because he's usually sits next to Zizi, which wasthe highlight of his night, but Frankie knows he was right, hefrightened poor Goo. Frankie sees Zizi patted Goo on the back as Gootries to eat the apple he gave it. Now Frankie is determined to makethis up to Goo.

A/N:Well that was an exciting way to start a school night. How willFrankie becomes friend with Goo? Will get over it's fear of the bigblue guy? Guess we'll have to wait in the next chapter.

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