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Stryx RP Rewrites

by 6ftDemon

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Some rewrites of a few RPs with a friend. Will feature various scenarios, each in different chapters. Each Stryx and rider featured belongs to their respective owner between the two of us.

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Chapter 1, First Meeting

Neo made her way through the sunset market streets, past vendors and booths full of all kinds of items and goods, mostly Stryx related. A large Soil Harpia followed closely behind her, a tired expression on her face.

“Say Jade, I do believe we’re almost out of basic food for you guys, aren’t we?” Neo tuned to the Harpia, named Jade. Jade nodded. “Well, let’s get some then, enough to tide you guys over until we go out hunting again.” Neo began walking again, this time towards a rather large booth full of appetizing foods of all kinds, at least to Jade.

“Heya! What’cha need today?” A man asked behind the booth as soon as Neo arrived. “Just some basic mash, not a ton. Just snacks for Stryx until we get hunting again.” Neo explained. The man nodded, heading behind a curtain to gather Neo’s request and total out the cost.


Jade yawned, irritated. They’d been out all day, having errands to run, and now all they had to do was finish up at the market and they’d be done. Neo was taking forever though, and she hadn’t even bought anything yet! Now they had to wait some more while that lousy man took ages to get their order.

Suddenly, Jade picked up a scent. A strange one, but oddly familiar. She looked around, trying to pinpoint the source. It seemed to be coming from a large Harpia, a ways across from Jade. There was a small rider with the Harpia, holding a bag of unidentifiable food, probably for Stryx as well. Jade stomped over to them, not going unnoticed by the opposing Harpia. Before Jade could get too close, the unfamiliar Stryx leapt in front of her rider, hissing at Jade. “Woah, it’s ok, Medusa.” The rider tried to calm her Stryx, but to no avail. Jade hissed. “Who are you?”

“What’s it to you, we were perfectly fine until you showed up.” The opposing Harpia snapped back. Jade furrowed her eyebrows. “You smell weird. Who are you?” She repeated. “Medusa, and you?” The other Harpia growled.

“Jade! What’s going on?” Neo had abandoned her order of mash and came running to her Stryx’s side. “Something wrong?”

Medusa looked somehow even more annoyed. The small rider she was with made her way out from under Medusa’s guard, and held out her hand to Neo. “I’m Skyla. I’m assuming you own this Stryx?” The rider said. Neo took her hand and shook it. “Yes, I’m Neo. This is Jade. Is she giving you any trouble?” Neo gestured to her Harpia.

“Well, sort of. She came up to us very aggressively, so Medusa got protective. They’ve been hissing and growling at each other ever since.” Skyla patted Medusa’s leg, trying to reassure her. “I’m so sorry about that. Jade! Stand down.” Neo shouted firmly to her Stryx, who began to unwind a bit. She didn’t take her eyes off of Medusa. Medusa also began to calm down, and took a step back from Jade. In the process of doing this, however, she backed into the cart behind her, tripping and falling into the cart. Skyla sighed and proceeded to help her Stryx out of the empty cart.

“Clumsy one, eh?” Jade smirked, receiving a glare from Medusa. “Watch it, or you’ll be a statue soon.” Medusa threatened, to which Jade chuckled. “Calm down, I was only joking.” After Medusa was out of the cart, Skyla turned back to Neo. “She’s got a peculiar ability, you know. Able to turn any living thing to stone on command, if only they look into her eyes while she mentally executes the command. It can only be used rarely though, as it is a very taxing process on her body.” Skyla explained. Neo raised her eyebrow.

“Interesting. Jade here can breathe fire, but she’s not registered on the list of breath users, so it’s rare we ever use it legally. Only when in dire need.”

Jade sniffed at Medusa, making sure she was no longer a threat. After a few circles around her and lots of sniffing, Jade concluded that she was safe. “Where do you guys live, anyway? Never seen you around here.” She asked. “We come from further over the mountains, but we were recently chased out of our territory by some newcomers who deemed us unnecessary.” Medusa explained, scowling at the memory. “Oh, sorry that happened. Do you need a place to stay?” Jade cocked her head to the side when asking the question. Medusa nodded.

Skyla and Neo talked a bit more, until Neo had decided to invite the pair to visit Sanctuary, her home.

“It’s full of Stryx, all under my care.” Neo said, smiling. “Let’s get going, sun’ll be setting soon.” She climbed into Jade’s saddle, Skyla doing the same with Medusa. The two Stryx took off, Jade and Neo leading the way.

After flying for a while, Jade dove down to land in a large clearing, Medusa quickly following. The clearing had a large patch where grass could no longer grow due to it being tread on by Stryx for so long. This is where Jade had landed, Medusa after her.

“It wasn’t a race, you know.” Medusa said, panting. “I know, but I still won.” Jade said proudly. “Yeah, but you aren’t as acrobatic as I am. Too bulky, if I may say.” Medusa poked at Jade’s chest. “Hey, I’m built for combat and endurance, not pretty aerial tricks. Bulk is good.” Jade swatted her away.

Neo and Skyla laughed at the two Stryx, who had seemingly forgotten who were on their backs the whole flight. “Let’s go, up this path. Sanctuary, my home, is there.” Neo dismounted from Jade’s saddle, and Skyla from Medusa’s. Jade followed as Neo made her way through the trees, making sure Skyla and Medusa were able to keep up.

A bit of walking later, the group was met with the sight of an incredibly large tree, stretching high up into the sky. The bottom of the trunk was decorated with various doors and holes for vision, since the inside seemed hollow enough to make a home in. Off to the side was a large storage building, and to the other side of the trunk was another path that snaked around back. “We’ll go out back, everyone should be hanging out there right now.” Neo said, guiding the group. They followed her through a small crop of trees and shrubs, revealing a beautifully large clearing behind the tree, full of Stryx of all breeds and colors seemingly organizing activity groups. To the right, nestled into the forest, was a stable building, a really big one, too. Stryx could be seen sleeping inside, and a few were heading in and out to fulfill various activities, or to rest after their duties.

“We’re back!” Neo shouted out to the clearing, greeted by multiple chirps and squawks in response.

Skyla looked around in awe of the place, never having seen such a thing. Medusa and Jade were playfighting behind the two riders, rolling around and nipping at each other. Skyla giggled at the sight. Just hours before, the two had been ready to brawl, now look at them.


As the sun finally set and the moon began to rise, Neo introduced the pair to many of the Sanctuary inhabitants. “You two tired? Hungry?” She asked Skyla and Medusa. Medusa chirped, and Skyla patted her head. “Yeah, to both.” She said. Neo turned and pulled out some food from her indoor storage for the two Harpias to eat, and then went over to her meal storage. The four ate outside, watching Stryx go by and fulfill duties such as hunting and scavenging. They talked, laughed, and eventually began to yawn. “Let’s get these two inside to sleep. Jade isn’t normally out during the day, but we had some important errands to run, so she came with me.” Neo explained, leading them to the stables.

After Medusa was settled into the stables, Jade came to sit next to her. Neo took Skyla to Sanctuary’s tree to get her situated in a room of her own for the time being. Jade curled her tail around her body and laid her head on her back, attempting to fall asleep. Medusa observed the stables around her in the meantime, catching looks from lots of other Stryx inhabiting it. Of course a newcomer wouldn’t be immediately welcomed in such a place, but it still made her nervous to be here for the first time. At least she had Jade to keep her safe if she ever felt threatened by anyone. With that final thought she felt her eyelids getting heavy, so she decided to tuck in and go to sleep.


AP counting notes


Jade 5519

1461 words-28


Soul Bonded-4

Extra Stryx-3


Total= 43 AP


Medusa 7732

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Extra Stryx-3

Total= 36 AP

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