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Corrupted Encounter

by 6ftDemon

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Scavenging roll for myself (Malus) Ethanol (Dakotah) and Tophatgoat (Juniper)

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Malus ruffled his feathers against the chill the night brought, knowing winter was approaching. He sat in wait of his friends, Dakotah and Juniper. They were supposed to go out and scavenge for a bit, probably later, when the sun would begin to rise. Malus was a very nocturnal being, but he would often stay up during the day to carry out needed activities. For now he would just wait, watching the other nocturnal activity groups head out to do their tasks.

Malus grunted in his sleep, trying to rid himself of the poking at his side. As he began to drift back into his nap, a voice pierced the veil of tiredness.

"Come on dude, we've got stuff to do! Get up, or we're leaving without you."

Malus cracked open an eye, trying to get a look at the offender who woke him. It was a small green raptor, the one characterized by the huge sail on her back. Not to mention her rather… short-tempered personality being a major defining factor in her behavior.

Next to her was a small Hawk with crimson-colored feathers, covered all over in patchy white. She wasn't nearly as snappy as Dakotah, but could definitely hold her own in an argument. Malus had seen her around often, preening her pretty feathers and carrying out activities, never being asked twice.

"Come on, let's go." Dakotah shouted. Malus hadn't noticed that she had walked away already, heading towards the nearby forest. The young hawk gave him an apologetic smile. "I'm Juniper. Sorry about Dakotah, she's always been a bit aggressive." Malus snorted. You think?

Malus lifted himself up, heading after the raptor, who was now standing at the edge of the forest. Juniper followed after Malus, trotting along beside him.

They soon reached the forest's edge, where Dakotah stood on a large rock. "We'll be heading to the pond to do some scavenging today. I'll search the bed of the pond, and you two will search the surrounding forest. That is, if we can get there. Been hearing reports of corrupted wisps inhabiting the forests of Wyvera this time of year, seems they've been straying from their normal fall territory." Dakotah explained, a hint of a challenge in her voice. Malus was sure he could easily take on a number of wisps at the same time, being so large and powerful.

"Well, let's get going then. Be cautious." Juniper warned, and began pushing through the dying bushes at the forest's edge. Dakotah leapt off the rock, directly over the bushes, leaves crunching loudly beneath her feet as she landed. Malus simply climbed over the bushes.

Once they were pretty far into the forest, someone finally spoke.

"You know, they also say there might be something called a Wisp King around here. Maybe we can catch it and bring it back. Might be worth something." Dakotah said, a gleam in her eyes. Malus simply pressed forward. Chasing after myths and rumors would get them nowhere.

After a few more minutes, they finally arrived at the destination. It was a large clearing, centered by a beautiful, clear pond. You could almost see the bottom. Surrounding the clearing was the rest of the forest, painted in beautiful, warm, fall colors, dampened by the night’s darkness. There were many places to search for items and treasures hidden away. "Let's get started." Dakotah said, heading towards the lake.

Malus nodded to Juniper, who decided to head off to the right, near a large cropping of rocks. Malus took off to the left, climbing up a tree to search for a suitable spot from a vantage point.

Dakotah waded into the water, keeping her head low to try and spot anything at the bottom. She eventually got deep enough that she could begin swimming.

Juniper carefully picked at the small rocks in between two large ones, inspecting each item she picked up thoroughly. Once she was satisfied with one area, she moved on to the next.

Malus had leapt down from the tree, having found a place to his liking to scavenge for items. He was mainly after anything that could be sold, knowing his rider back home would be happy to have the extra cash. He began poking through bushes, scuffling in the dirt, and sticking his head into every nook and cranny he saw.

After a few hours, Malus headed back to the main clearing, carrying many small but potentially worthwhile items with him. He dropped them by the edge of the lake, scanning the area for his friends. He instantly spotted Dakotah, her sail sticking out of the middle of the pond. Malus was about to call out to her, when he heard the rustling of leaves falling from a tree, branches crackling. He looked around for the source of the noise, spotting movement across the clearing. Whatever it was was red, so he could only assume it was Juniper. He headed in its direction, keeping an eye out for his surroundings.

Once Malus got to where he saw Juniper, he took another around. There was no sign of the hawk anywhere. Curious, he took a few more steps forward, into the cover of trees ahead. The rustling picked up again. It was fainter, as if it was further away. He continued to chase the sound.

After a while of crunching through the leaves, Malus began to question what he was even doing. If it was really Juniper, she would’ve noticed him, right? She surely would have said something to him by now. Maybe she had found something so enthralling that she barely noticed him following her.

“Uh… Juniper?” Malus called out into the dark forest. The rustling stopped. Malus continued to look around for his small friend, who was still nowhere to be seen. Malus perked up his ears, trying to pick up any sound indications of her presence. The rustling resumed, this time a bit closer. Malus headed in its direction, taking a step forward. Before he could proceed, however, something huge, glowing, and red leapt out at him, knocking him to the ground. The creature began hissing and pulling at his feathers, trying to reach the vulnerable skin beneath. Malus shrieked, trying to grab the offender, only for his talons to pass right through them. What the…?

Dakotah lifted her head from the water, paddling to reach the bank of the pond. She had found a few aquatic treasures, gripping them in her beak as she made her way back. She pulled herself from the water and shook it from her sleek feathers, placing her finds next to the ones Malus had left here. Where is he anyway? And where’s Juniper? Dakotah wondered to herself. Suddenly, she heard a shrill cry from nearby. She whipped her head in its direction, eyes darting about to try and find the origin of the sound. Faint hisses and snarls could be heard as well. Dakotah, having forgotten about the group’s finds, carefully made her way over to the source of the commotion. She had to tread through the forest for a short amount of time, but she was finally met with a bright red glow, and Malus wrestling with a large, almost transparent mass of teeth and eyes. Malus had bruises and scratches all over, and seemed to be doing almost no damage to this unknown entity. Dakota, paralyzed in fear, hardly noticed when Juniper leapt past her and into the fight.

Juniper clawed at the many eyes of the creature, eliciting pained hisses from the being. She squawked at it viciously, trying her best to get a hold of whatever solid material she could find in the mass of red. Finally, after grasping onto the largest solid part of the creature, she was able to push it off of Malus, helping him up quickly. “Get out of here, I’ll put up a distraction!” Juniper motioned for Malus and Dakotah to leave. Dakotah, having snapped out of her trance, stood her ground. “We can’t leave you here to fight this thing alone, Juniper.”

She hissed at the red beast, which hissed back almost ten times as loud. Dakota, with her quick thinking, spun around and whipped the creature across its largest set of eyes with her tail. The creature recoiled, but Dakotah had no intentions of mercy. She leapt forward, sinking her teeth into the mass of flesh at its core. She shook her head violently, teeth tearing tissue to pieces. The creature screamed from each mouth it had, freezing in place. Dakotah loosened her hold, allowing the creature to drop to the ground. The screams soon stopped, the being’s red glow beginning to fade. The transparent parts of the creature dissipated quickly after, leaving red chunks of flesh and small bones and teeth scattered in its place. Dakotah wiped her beak with her wing, turning to face the other two Stryx behind her. “Are you guys alright?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Malus said, breathlessly. Juniper nodded, shaking slightly. Dakotah looked back at the remains of the creature, one she now assumed to be some kind of corrupted wisp. “Well, maybe we can take these parts back, might be worth something, even if it’s not worth money. Maybe it can help eliminate these corrupted wisps that are haunting these woods.” Juniper nodded again, and Malus helped Dakotah carry the pieces. “Gross.” He said, poking at it.

The group arrived back at base with their “kill” and their little bit of scavenged goods, dropping it all to be collected later. Dakotah watched as Malus limped away to have his wounds tended, and as Juniper followed to make sure he got there safely. The sun was beginning to rise now, and Dakotah realized how tired she really was. She turned and headed towards her makeshift nest, which was set up in a small crop of bushes, and went to sleep.


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