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Cave Scavenging AR x3

by LadyLesednik

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3 ARs for 1007 words

The trio of male harpias stood at the opening of the cave, and having already discussed their plan of action, spoke very little as they wished each other luck before going their own way into the tunnels.


The oldest of the group, Flurry, headed down the center path. Having been in this cave before, he knew what lie down the center and he knew that he'd be successful in finding something of interest today. It didn't take long before he was in the sparkling cavern that reminded him of the night sky. As he looked around, he saw many potential things to bring back but nothing was particularly grabbing his interest as The Thing that he needed. After awhile of eyeing the glittering walls, he almost gave up and began to head back the way he came, preparing to take another path when suddenly he spotted a bulge in the wall that didn't glitter. He cocked his head slightly, studying the seemingly normal rock in such a not-normal place. Flurry knew that this rock was what he would be bringing back today. As soon as he figured out how to get it out of the wall. He paced by the embedded stone, his mind working fast as a whip to discern the best method of breaking the rock free from its prison. He decided to use his beak, attempting to bite the rock and use his beak as a type of prybar to spring it loose from the wall. After several minutes of trying, finally his beak caught on a groove. Flurry used everything he had, pulling pulling pulling until the rock finally broke free from the wall. Well, partially. He glanced down at the broken stone. Beauty stared back at him in the form of jagged crystals, varying shades and hues. He scooped up his prize in his beak and began the trek back to the entrance, to await the return of the younger males.


Jake went down the tunnel furthest to the left. The tunnel he chose was a long and winding one, lit with torches that no matter how hard he blew or flapped his wings, the flams would not die out. After several minutes of trying, he came to the conclusion that they must be magic, and his intrigue with the path he'd chosen amplified as he went from a lazy stroll to a hurried shuffle, curious as to what lay ahead. He ended up at a round, domelike cave that was remarkably bland. Standard cave walls and a dirt floor. The only thing out of the ordinary was what appeared to be a horse drawn cart, full of crates and barrels. He decided to root around in the dirt floor a bit first before heading for the easy treasure that awaited in the cart. He kicked his taloned feet in the dusty dirt, hoping to kick up some weird little human trinket. Instead, his foot froze midkick as he bent down. He found a tiny, tiny little sprout. He couldn't tell what it was, or what it would grow to be, but if it was growing in a magic cave, it must be special. He used his beak to gently scoop the plant and its roots, shuffling over to the cart as he searched for something to place it into. It didn't take long, he found a little pot and placed the dirt and plant inside, nestling it into a corner of the cart where it would not tip or fall. Jake decided to dig through the crates and barrels later with his companions, opting to grab the edge of the cart with his beak and retreat back down the tunnel, the sound of the wheels a soft rumbling on the stone floor.


Smokey went down the right tunnel, having allowed the other two harpias to make their choices before he went the path that they didn't. The tunnel he headed down was dark, even to his trained eyes. The only thing keeping him from repeatedly walking into the cave walls was the bioluminescent mushrooms along the edges of the tunnel, just bright enough to signal "Hey, there's a wall here. Don't walk into it." That however didn't stop him from slamming beak-first into the wall signaling a dead end. How had he reached the end of the tunnel already? He felt around briefly, seeing if there was another passage he could take, but alas, no. This was all there was. Smokey couldn't go back to the others empty-beaked, he'd be so ashamed. So, to avoid this, he began rooting around desperately in the dirt, looking for quite literally anything to prevent his adventure from ending in failure. He could feel the soft dirt moving as he rooted around, but all he found were rocks and more rocks. He began pecking at the cave wall, using his beak to try and scrape rocks loose to take with him, but all he got was tiny bits of dusty rock and clumps of moss. Ew. As he wallowed in his defeat, his eyes landed on the faded glow of the mushrooms. That would work. He collected as many mushrooms as he could fit in his beak and eagerly headed back down the tunnel, excited to see what exactly he had collected. He hoped they would be pretty.


The three male harpias met up back at the cave's entrance, all eager to be out of such a tight, confining space. One by one, they placed their hauls down and went over what they'd acquired, looking to the elder harpia to see if it was of any use. He recognized both the mushroom and the sprouts immediately, but what caught his attention more was the boxes and crates they had yet to rummage through. Who knows what hidden goodies the humans may have stashed inside the depths of the cave? Flurry was not sure what they'd find, but he knew it would be useful. And with that, they got to work riffling through the wooden containers.

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