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Fir Forest River Fishing AR

by LadyLesednik

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After finding the previous river drier than a desert after a year of no rain, plans had to be changed. Fish had to be acquired. So the elder harpia scouted out another river, not dry this time. Once Flurry had verified that the river was indeed a river, he flew back to their territory to retrieve Jake and Smokey. Both were in awe at the beautiful spot Flurry had chosen. Crystal clear blue waters with a smooth pebbled bottom. A forest of fir trees as far as the eye could see, taller than the harpias. The floor of the forest was solidly pine needles, fresh and old, while the shore of the river was rocky with pine needles simply scattered about. The sun seemed so distant in this small green and grey oasis. Flurry nudged the boys back to the task at hand, they were here to secure food, not to marvel at the beauty of nature.
Flurry gave a flap of his powerful wings, taking off only a short distance to hover over the water as still as he could. A flash of silver beneath him and he struck, catching a large shiny fish that he threw to shore, watching it flop around briefly before focusing his attention back to the water as a flash of red caught his eye. Once again, he struck lightning fast with his talons, throwing the unfortunate fish to shore. Green, blue, another silver, on and on he continued catching fish after fish in rapid succession, his talons dripping a mix of water and fish blood. As he dropped back in to catch a muddy brown fish, he had no doubt as his talons secured yet another meal for their flock, tossing it over to the rapidly growing pile. A flash of black this time and he struck, catching an eel! How interesting. He, too, added that to his pile, though as he studied the pile of still twitching fish (and now eel) he decided that he'd secured enough food for the day, combined with what he was sure Smokey and Jake would bring in. He gave a call to the younger harpias, alerting them of his temporary departure as he scooped up a beakfull of fish and eel and made the first trip back to their territory. 
Smokey observed carefully, studying the elder harpias techniques for fishing, and noting the lack of failure. He too took up a place above the water, attempting to hover as still as Flurry had though struggling slightly to find the right technique. He realized from this spot he could see almost perfectly into the water, noting every little bit of movement he saw. Smokey suddenly caught sight of a flash of red and he went for it, only to come away empty taloned. He shook off his failure and instead repositioned himself, waiting patiently until a streak of black and bam! He could feel the wriggling eel in his talons. He tossed it ashore with pride, taking a moment to admire the slippery thing before focusing back in on the water. Another flash of black and once again, another eel was added to his pile. He went for another fish, one of the silver ones, but unfortunately he missed that as well. He decided that instead of wasting his time on fish, he'd focus in on eels since that seemed to be where his success lie today. As he hovered over the water, he caught sight of a brown streak and went for it, catching not an eel this time, but a water snake! He quickly bit the head off and tossed it into the pile. Once he had what was a substantial pile of eel and water snakes, he scooped a large chunk of them into his beak and began to fly back home to drop them off for the rest of the flock.
Jake decided that today, he would march to the beat of his own wings. He waded out into the water and began snapping at fish with his razor sharp beak. It didn't take long before he caught a nice fat red one, which he quickly threw to shore. His technique was less about precision and more about "If I bite the water enough, I'll catch things eventually." And to his credit, he did have some success. Another fish, a grey one this time, added to the growing pile. The next one his beak clamped down on was a beautiful shimmery blue. After throwing it to the pile, he ducked his head back down again, his beak snapping open and shut rapidly in the moving water until it landed on something and he pulled it out with victory! Oh. A log. He slowly dropped it back into the water, glad the neither Flurry nor Smokey were here at the moment to witness that. He caught a good haul of fish using his snapping technique, though he wondered if maybe there was a reason that his father had used a more precision based method. He scooped up a beakfull of fish and just like the others, began the flight back to their flock's territory. He passed both Flurry and Smokey as he went, heading in the opposite direction to collect the rest of their fish. They all gave a brief greeting as they went, though Jake's was restricted to simply a head bob due to holding so many fish in his mouth. 
Many hours later, the trio stood next to a mountain of fish, the results of their combined efforts. It stood at easily seven feet tall, spreading out across nine feet of earth. It would be a nice meal for their flock, and they all felt pride at bringing home such a delightfully large dinner. Flurry gave the two younger harpias the task of sorting the fish by their color, and type, which they did as quick as they could quite well. The eels were a favorite on that day, and Smokey felt a little extra boost of pride for his contribution. 

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