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Various SP pieces

by Raptra

Libraries: Fantasy, Original Fiction

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Chapter 1, Callisto, Hunt on!

Callisto was hiding just under a sunken archway, eyes sparkling as a school of Southern Bluefin Tuna shoot through the water. It's a larger school, but there are some straggling behind. With a soft click she emerged from the shadows, and the hunt was on!

A tuna was drifting from the group, unaware of the fate it was about to face as a set of jaws snapped down on its gills and shook. Callisto quickly set the dying fish in the sand and took off after the rest of the school.

An all too familiar energy comes crackling from her mouth as her element comes to life. The energy sparks, cracks, and pops in the water as it heats up the water it touches. Taking the dive to appear around a twisted hunk of what once was a car she ends up in front of the school. All it takes is a well timed bolt of plasma energy arcing and snapping through the water to fry a fair majority of the school. The tuna that do live the blast of energy are stunned.

She knows that these tuna will feed her pod for a little while, so she's making sure to not let any escape. While she finishes off the last of the school a shadow passes by the corner of her eye. With a series of low clicks she turns around to find a great white trying to move in on her feast.

She waited until the shark swam under the remains of an old stone archway to fire her element at it. It seemed to miss as it hit the arch, but a rumbling noise echoes out as the whole archway collapsed down onto the shark. This made it flinch, starting to writhe and struggle to get out of the rubble. Callisto sees her chance, swimming up and hitting it in the gills to make sure it doesn't get out right away. One last well timed arc of plasma marks the end for the would be predator.

Feeling content with what was hunted, she began to gather up a tuna into her mouth. With a flick of her tail she swam down to a secluded hole in a weird stone structure, setting the fish down inside. Thus begins the many trips that happen to bring the school of tuna to the hidey hole. She carefully stacks the fish up to make sure they all fit, not wanting them to be too out in the open for scavengers to see.

Callisto turns to the shark lying under the rubble still, humming. "A little bit of a meal wouldnt hurt, there'd still be plenty for the others." With a nod to herself she swam down and carefully uncovered the shark, starting to tear into it. She only eats a few bites, but it's enough for her to make it back with the rest of the shark. 'I wonder how the others are doing, I should be heading back soon'

With a fresh meal and a story to tell she grabbed the shark by the tail, dragging it with her back to her awaiting pod.

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