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Life goes on

by RehARPG

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A matriarch of a pod of mixed aqrions got into an incident that would nearly cost her life and the life of her pod.

Chapter 1, When I ruled the World

Life goes on



Sanhocho pod

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Trellia    Danbi

Matriarch / Daughter of Trellia


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Eien    Palaa


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Cocoa    Kimchi


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Nendo    Soobin







Chapter 1: When I ruled the world

WC: 2,359

It was a summer day in which the Sanhocho pod, a mixed nursery pod with plenty of offspring, had made their way alongside the american coastal line, several dorsal fins breaching through the water surface and diving back down after taking a breath, repeating until they would find their perfect spot for a lesson from their Matriarch. Today they would learn all about hunting crabs with their sonar as well as maneuvering through seagrass without getting stuck. Their matriarch went by the name Trellia, a blue and red colored phin singer with both of her dorsal fins collapsed to her left side, she was quite old, had cyan and orange crystals decorating her beak, malon, and tail, perhaps for defensive purposes.


Swimming right by her side was a tiny phin singer, she was still a calf at the approximate age of one week, colored in black with a red tail similar to her huge mother right next to her, yet having uncommonly large tusks which grew out of her lower jaw. Her name was Danbi, she was the one you’d always ask to race with as she had one of the strongest tails in the pod. 


A figure swam up to Danbi asking her for a race, it was Eien, a phin singer girl who was a couple of months older than Danbi. She was a bright colored singer with a beautiful streak of yellow decorating her lower body, as her head and dorsal fins were dipped in black just like the side of her fins and the tip of her tail, she was quite the eye catcher but even more of a trouble maker. That lad seemed to have a keen connection to sea birds, or maybe she hit her head, we aren’t sure. 


Right next to that ball of energy was Palaa tagging along next to her, a phin singer with about 26 months of age which resulted in her being the oldest youngling of their species in that pod. Her topside was decorated with white splashes of color, layers of white silver and red right underneath them. Her head was dipped in snow white markings as they turned into a silver-ish blue color while her tail area was dipped in red, similar to Trellia and Danbi. Eien and Palaa seemed to be very close to one another and would hardly separate, always keeping one another in check through echolocation and vocalations. Danbi had tried to befriend them on numerous occasions but wasn't able to succeed due to the low self esteem on her side.

There was another calf singer that was part of the pod, her name was Cocoa, this one had a beautiful colorful tan to her body, her backside was blessed with a long saddle patch that nearly reached her blowhole, brown flippers that seemed to connect her eye patch with the color of her fins. Trellia knew that this little one was a very smart calf with roughly 23 months of age as she observed, yet she still appeared to be naive, always trying to please everyone, disregarding her own will, her own urges and health which will eventually get her into great trouble at some point which worried her greatly.


The Sanhocho pod didn’t just consider of Phin singer, it was home to a giant aqrion cub as well, his name was Nendo and his skin coloration was way more adapt for hiding as his skin was decorated with brown colors, the only thing that gave him away was his fins which he could lower and rise similar to the spines of a fire fish. He came into the pod alongside Kimchi, a fluke singer of red, black and white colors, she had found the little calf while traveling through the icy parts of the oceans. Apparently he and his family were attacked by tiger sharks, which resulted in Kimchi taking him in before they both met the Sanhocho pod.

And one of the last two members of the Sanhocho pod were Soobin and---, a male abyssal, his skin was as colorful as the reef with his blue body and yellowfin membrane. His long and slender body gracefully gliding through the ocean as his white eyes were fixed at one spot, gladly his disability didn’t hinder him much as he was alone before joining the pod, yet hunting by himself is near impossible as he needed a support animal to help him with navigation and confidence. Not that being blind is hard enough already, he also misses both his hint fins due to a hatching problem which also caused his loss of sight.


>>>>Message received<<<<


The pod were currently taking a breather on the water surface as one of the calves came up to the matriarch >>Are we there yet?<< the young one queaked as she excitedly moved and rotated her 

pectoral fins. >>We need a couple more minutes<< Trellia spoke softly to Cocoa as the little calf kept her pace, she observed the way how she moved her body, noticing that her excitement was influencing the way she swam >>Hey hey now, your swimming is all over the place, you can’t keep this pace if you keep exhausting yourself like that.<<

The orange colored Singer squeaked in disapproval as she looked straight ahead >>Look at those two, they are ahead of us doing a race, and you discipline me about my swim?<< she protested with a snort of her blowhole, causing bubbles to surface from it making their way up to the water surface. The small one turned her head away from Trellia as she was still looking at her direction >>come on now little one, we both know that you are too smart to waste your energy like them. Besides, you will be learning something new today, so you need all energy you got!<< she said with an encouraging voice, of course Cocoa that smart bean understood Trellias underlying hint and made her way back to the huge fluke singer that allowed little kids to use her huge body to grab onto her to save energy. Behind Trellia was Kimchi, the huge fluke singer with her long flowy whiskers following her matriarch keeping her distance as she was guarding Nendo, Palaa, Soobin and now Cocoa, her job was ist to keep the small and weak safe as they traveled long distances for them to recharge their energy. Soobin had his enormous long tail wrapped around Kimchi's lower body as he carefully listened to the waves and the calves chirping and clicking with one another. Next to him was Nendo, the giant aqrion calf that had been saved by Kimchi before they both joined the Sanhocho pod, typically adult males weren’t allowed in this pod as it mainly consisting of female adults or cubs of all genders, yet Soobins and Nendo were allowed to stay due to Soobins blindness and the fact that Nendo was still just a cub. Both of them were permissioned to stay for a longer period of time. The blue Abyssal might be allowed to stay with the pod until the day he decays or gets exiled, and Nendo being allowed to stay by the pod until he reaches his adult age. 


Trellia kept looking ahead as she observed the two calves racing one another. >>Don’t swim out of my sonar!<< she shouted as they both abruptly stopped, the caves exchanged disappointed looks to one another before looking at the matriarch, >>But we wanna race!<< the yellow tailed singer shouted, bubbles coming out of her black colored blowhole >>You can race the fish at the hunting ground, now please take some rest on Kimchis back.<< The matriarch replied back with a soft yet stern tone to it. The calves signed in disappointment as they both waited in place until their pod was next to them for the little ones hopping onto the giant Fluke’s back. 

>>I hate listening to her..<< Huffled Eien as she placed her body near Kimchi’s blowhole. Bubbles came out of the flukes blowhole, gently brushing along Eiens body >>She might not be fun, but she protects us.<< Nendo looked at them both as they talked about the uncommonly huge phin singer >>How is she able to protect us if you are five times bigger and fatter than her, she wouldn’t be able to even scratch you.<< he blurred out of nowhere, Kimchi's eyes looked back at the two calves that seemed to agree on Nendos statement. >>Not really. Remember that small Doctorfish you tried to hunt the other day? Remember how it always slipped out of your mouth and escaped because it was so small and fast?<<.

>>Your point?<<  Eien interrupted with a sigh as she was already bored of Kimchi's speech. >>My point is-<< she paused as she hit the rude dolphin with one of her whiskers >>a true leader isn’t decided on their size, but on their decision making, teamwork and the trust the pod puts in.<< 

>>Does that mean that no one trusts you?<< the giant pup squeaked back at the fluke as she was carrying them through the ocean still tailing Trellia. 

Soobin raised his head as he was looking at the direction of the small voices: >>We all trust Kimchi with our life, yet Kimchi was not able to make a very difficult decision for our pod one day, it hurt a lot of our members and brought dark days over us.<< Kimchi let out a loud cry to silence Soobin as he was rambling about things again that Kimchi didn’t want to listen to. >>Wait, what was that thing? Can you please, please tell us Chimmy?<< danbi pleaded as she arrived on her back after chatting with her mother for a short while. Kimchi didn’t answer and so did Soobin as they were bombarded with questions from the Calves


Finally the pod has arrived at the hunting grounds in which Trellia would teach the inpatient calves and the Blind fellows in their pod how to hunt crabs and fish. The location was an old coral site which seemed to be stripped from all its life. Dead coral that would sing to the bottom of the sea by the slightest touch, only a few fish to be found in between the rocks, mostly only crustaceans. As her eyes scanned the area she knew something wasn’t right, the once colorful reef had turned dry and dead, food seemed to be scarce here, the ocean itself was quiet as well. Clear reflections on the water surface of the ocean underneath them shined back at them like a mirror as they were all taken aback by the sight. They have never seen or been in a reef this dead before >>What happened here?<< were the first words Junjie spoke today as he was checking the gray colored reefs with his sonar >>I know I can’t see much color, but I have never seen such a dull reef before.<< he added as he was swimming down from Kimchis back, following the others that had been resting on her beside him.


Beaks poked on the corals and into the sand as they checked out the surroundings, trying to find any form of life that might be hiding inside the sand and between the rocks. Meanwhile Trellia kept a close eye at the water surface as it all felt just too familiar to her, she was already in such a situation before, but what was it that ruffled up so much fear inside of the Matriarch. Her chest hurt as her muscles tensed up by this, this feeling of death, the type of feeling that would bring pain, tears and blood to the pod. 


No more chirps and clicks were heard to be from the pod as they grew dead silent at the nerve wrecking sigh of their leader. Something was clutching around her, something that was so thin that the aqrion could barely see what it was, its clutches were so thin and sharp at the same time as it ate itself through the skin of their Matriarch as she screamed out, her body wrenching from side to side as she tried to get out of it. It felt like a group hug of stinging urchins and jellyfish at the same time, a feeling one could describe as burning one's skin just by its touch. It cut deeper into her body with every move she made, turning the water around her red, as she struggled for her life. Her pod, watching in fear, not able to move as they are being witnessed by the horrifying sight they saw. One of the smallest calves screamed out loud >>Why aren’t you helping her?!<< her voice filled with indescribable pain as she rammed her teeth into the thick skin of Kimchi in hopes she could shake the giant fluke out of it. The ocean was dead quiet, the only voices that were filling the water were the two singers. As Danbi couldn’t shake any of the adults out of their shock she took matters into her own fins and swam right into the deadly trap to her mother, though being of a smaller size she was yet as well caught in the trap, her tail and flipper being tightly grabbed by the mysterious thing that would eventually drown them if they wouldn’t pass from their wounds by then.


Kimchi finally snapped out of her shock as she now heard the calve’s scream, she pushed her body through the cloud of blood to push both of the struggling dolphins to the surface to grab some air. Eventually both of the singers quieted down as the strings made their way in too deep for them to move at all anymore. Thanks to Kimchi they were both able to calm themselves as they were finally able to breath again. The water around them was drenched in blood, not able to see where one would swim without echolocation. Seagulls and sharks already gathered at the scene, just, waiting for it to end. Perhaps this was the end for the small family as this situation just couldn’t get better without help.



New Messages


From: Ego

To: Headquarters

Date: June 13th, 6067

Time: 5 pm

Report log #1: June 13th, 6067     5 pm, Monday


‘’We recently found a new pod in Asian regions this morning. We managed to figure out that it consists of a group of mutated animals, their significantly larger to our normal dolphins and whales with unique coloration which makes them easier to identify to normal ceta pods. 


They mostly seem to be traveling around the Asian coastal side as we weren't able to track them properly at any other location at the moment of this log's writing. They seem to be a social group of about 7 animals which mainly consists of mutated dolphins, which are distinguished through their double dorsal's. This pod was first spotted at a location that was known as Seoul, capital of South Korea. We are currently unsure of how large that pod really is as we do not have the required devices to investigate them for a correct count. 


We are currently trying to figure out their social ranks to determine which animal is the lucky winner to wear our tracking device. End of log.’’





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