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Smokey Scavenging Experience

by HiddenWren

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Crunches could be heard as the large Harpia staggered out into the clearing The fallen leaves breaking underneath him. It’s large seared looking wings folded to its side as they stopped to survey the new area they entered. The tall grass wove itself into an untamable mess which a few small animals darted around under, although that is not what he was after. Near one edge of the clearing sat a group of bushes that appeared to have berries growing on them. This piqued an interest in the Harpia, as it lurched forward, carefully avoiding the tangles of grass as not to get stuck.

Of course the attempt fails as an annoying tangle grasps at his clawed feet, causing him to stubble forward. He turns, and bends down using his sharp beak to cut the tangles and free himself. He huffed, throwing the now freed blades of grass the way he came taking another moment to inspect what was surrounding him. A good few feet away was a gurgling stream of water, plenty of rocks and small plants grew around it which other creatures seemed to take an interest in. Not far beyond that sat the berry bushes that first caught his attention. His wings fluffed up and rustled as he turned.

What he saw was expected, more trees, and fallen branches. A turned over log sat hollow and decaying not far from a rabbit searching for a snack. Huffing the Harpia marched over to the hollowed log, nudging the rabbit out of his way and wanting to investigate. As he dug around the opening nothing caught his eye and he was confused with why the small creature before him had taken an interest in the area. Pinning his wings against his back in attempts to make him a tad bit smaller he shoved his face in the log causing dirt and dust to fall. Instantly regretting that he pulled his head out, shaking the dust off him in every which way.

Something gleamed in the corner of his eye causing him to once more turn his head, although this time he was now facing the gurgling stream and sighed, moving towards it. Small rocks gleamed underneath the clear water that a few critters had already taken an interest into trying to collect. Using his claws he dug around for a bit, turning rocks and stones over causing the once clear water to turn a soft brown due to the mud that had been stirred up. Huffing, and kicking at the water causing a small spray of droplets the Harpia continued forward to the thing that originally caught his interest, the bushes.

It didn’t take long to reach them, and once he did he started digging around the roots first, trying to see if something might have been dropped. When those searches fail he goes to inspect the berries. The colors of the fruit ranged from different shades of reds and blacks making him wonder if the colors determined the ripeness of the berry. Deciding to try one he plucked one of the dark red berries of the bush, thankfully avoiding the thorns. His face scrunched up as he spat the berry out, having turned out to be more bitter than he imagined. He huffed, stretching his wings before he moved past the bushes, and back into the woods he had entered from preparing to continue his search. To his disappointment as he ducked under a low hanging branch he nicked it with his wing, causing a low grumble to sound from him. He snarled, moving past the branch and forward.


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