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We'll Be Together

by Miriam-chan

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Just a resubmission of a rather fluffy drabble originally written for Valentine's Day.

Hidehiko's House - 10:00 PM

What exactly was so heart pounding about being in the bedroom of their latest crush?

What exactly was so heart pounding about that? The raven haired person kept telling themselves while sitting down on the edge of their latest crush's twin sized bed, dressed only in a short sleeved lavender v-neck shirt which went down a bit to the thighs of theirs.

Once a few minutes had passed, quite the yawn came out from the mouth of the raven haired person, then coming to a conclusion there shouldn't be anything heart pounding about being in the bedroom of their latest crush, even if they shared a rather passionate kiss with him at the beach much earlier, that was gonna happen anyway because of the chasing by the seaside ending with them catching up with him, but like a klutz apparently they can be, falling right on top of their latest crush happened, causing him to fall back on to the sand as a result, from the moment when that happened, something could've been given there was like a oppoturnity.

But instead.

Hidehiko and Yuri both remained silent, starting looking into each other's eyes for a little bit and then, taking a moment with listening to the waves of the ocean crashing by a part of the seaside once again, both eyes theirs had closed up rather slowly and then, a kiss filled with much passion was shared.

Surprisingly given it was their first kiss also.


Returning back to the present time, since despite that sort of thing happening much earlier at the beach, there really shouldn't be a reason feel essentially anxious due to being in the bedroom of their latest crush, just because a rather passionate first kiss happened and such, doesn't mean something else would happen later.


Something else could happen later, given anything can happen also.


Let's see what happens, the raven haired person said to themselves with quite another yawn coming out from their mouth, with tiredness really getting to them like having a cup of chamomile tea, falling right onto the covers of their latest crush's bed happened and then, with dark amber brown eyes of theirs closed already, all they would do was listen still to the shower running in the bathroom and then, quickly asleep they surely were.

Made sense because of the activities with Hidehiko from much earlier.


15 minutes later



While they were curled up slightly and still very much asleep.

Dressed already in a short sleeved plain white t-shirt and comfty ivory bed pants.


Hidehiko carefully entered the bedroom and noticed that Yuri already was on the covers of the bed, curled up slightly and very much asleep to say the least.


Noticing that sort of thing in particular, to the point where a smile was formed.

'will be joining you in a moment' Hidehiko said to Yuri rather softly.

'will be joining you in a moment' Hidehiko said to Yuri rather softly once again.


From the moment that was said, still with a smile that could possibly melt one's heart, the chestnut brown haired young man turned around and departed from the bedroom to the living room to find a blanket that was hopefully large enough to cover up two bodies since well, he was going to be sharing the bed with a still very much asleep Yuri.


So with that in mind.

Onward to finding a blanket that was large enough for two bodies!






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