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April 2021 DS Monthly Challeng

by timidbutler

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Humor, OriginalFiction

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Ometeotl 2779 helps Noot Noot 10672 find some chicks.

With the predicament with Noot Noot, the large black harpia only shook his head..Missing eggs, no Easter egg hunt, and paint all over the scene. What else could have gone wrong with the orange cara's activities. Surely they were in over their head taking on so many tasks, let alone being the only loft sitter. He wished they had asked for help, he would have been more than happy to help watch over the chicks that needed tending to. But now, there were no eggs for the Easter holiday, paint to clear up, and chicks to wrangle up. 
With new task in hand, Ometeotl set forth to find the mischievous chicks. They had nicely left him cute little foot prints all over the crime scene, I mean egg hiding field. They were no match for him, has he had been quite the seeker at hiding seek when playing with his rider's chicks. He was sure to find them in time to help Noot Noot in maybe coloring eggs and even finding more paint. Following some multicolored tracks, namely blues, pinks, greens, and other bright spring colors that trailed about, the harpia kept his head close to the ground, avoiding the paint marks as much as possible. With so many bright colors everywhere, he really didn't wish to be dotted up by accidently stepping in paint himself. 
Peep. Peep. Peep. Peep. Peep. 
Lifting his head, he turned to the left of himself to better hear where the little chick noises were coming from, an indicating that he was close. The noises only got louder, drawing himself closer towards the source. He was about ready to pounce, wings folding upward to hide him in his pouncing, until he caught a glint of brown. A large hiss arose from the bushes, followed by a rather large gander. However it was not as big as he was, but merely dwarfed. Despite its much smaller size, the gander was clearly protecting his brood. Ometeotl let out a snort, followed by his own hiss.  The gander reared its wings to full length, attempting to frighten the much larger harpia male, but he was not fooled. He too spread his wings out, appearing larger against his opponent. The black harpia let out a deep snarl, sending the gander fleeting to the side. Ometeotl pushed forward towards the gander's nest, but no chicks. 
With a low grunt, he left the gander's territory, still following more of the colorful footprints. He was bound by his word to find the missing chicks and save the Easter holiday in peril! What will they do without eggs, without the young stryx to be adopted from the loft, and the many paints soiled by the chicks!?
Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep!
More of the cursed peeps, the taunting cries of these mischievous stryx chicks!! Ometeotl would make sure they would be returned promptly, without harm, even if he had to carry them one by one back to the homey loft!!! He ruffled his feathers in annoyance to the tiny peeping calls, taunting him to keep searching and forgo the chance to be a helper to Noot Noot!
He was not to fail, never to fail, for the chick's safety ! What if they had gotten in harm's way?! With those colorful footprints, any predator of any kind could find them. Even the dreaded Anaruq!! No, he would never let those poor chicks fall into such a fate! 
With a stomp of his right foot, he trampled through each and every bush he came across, desperately searching for the lost chicks. 
It wasn't until it hit him in the face, a large splatter of bright liquid to the face, dousing him in a pastel rainbow of colorful pains. The peeps only continued into laughter, laughter that clearly was directed at him. He had found the chicks! Or did they find him? Unable to see, he stumbled about, with laughing chicks at his feet. The little fuzz balls had pranked him by throwing paint into his face!  Cheeky little evil fuzzballs of chicks! How dare they mock him with such humiliations!!?!
The chicks ran circles around Ometeotl, while the large harpia wiped away the paint from his face. They 'peeped, peeped, peeped' about how funny it was to throw paint at a big scary harpia like him and how they were going to take over the Easter holiday with their cuteness. What a clever plan. 
Once his sights were cleared, he spread out his wings to gather up the chicks in his limbs, holding them close and light enough so they were all comfortable. With a single step, he strides back to the loft with all of them in his wings, with many of them protesting that this wasn't fair, and that this wasn't fun. 
Too bad for them, Noot Noot was worried for them and they were not accounted for. Setting the little fluff balls down once he got to Noot Noot, he stayed by their side to help keep an eye on the chicks with the orange cara, who was more than happy for the company and the extra wings to help with getting the holiday sorted out with. 

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