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Maj'reiza's Info

by Jubei

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Background information for my character.

Character Name: Maj'reiza Whitemoon

Character Age: 22

Character Species: Half-elf

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue


Maj'reiza is, as far as they know, an orphan. They were abandoned in the wild northern forests as an infant, but they were fortunately discovered by a passing hunter. A note warning that Maj'reiza was a cursed half-elven child of fel descent was the only thing found with them.

The hunter, a human woman named Baeri Whitemoon, took pity on them and raised Maj'reiza as best she could. She tought them how to be fully self sufficient in a variety of environments, and to treat animals with respect. Old age brought an end to Baeri's life when Maj'reiza was 19. They took her last name to honor her memory, along with the note   from their childhood, and began their journey to discover their past.


Maj'reiza appears to be a human with deep blue eyes and ash-toned skin at first glance, but one thinks twice when they notice their small pointed ears - if they aren't buried in a long, wavy mass of black hair that's more akin to a lion's mane. They stand at just over 5 and a half feet tall, and display a lean athletic build that is slightly feminine. Maj'reiza also sports a variety of old scars all over their body as a result of their harsh life in the wilderness.

Maj'reiza's clothes are simple and practical, all earth-toned and formed mostly from hides, fur, feathers, bones, and woven plant fiber. The materials used and layers needed vary depending on the weather and type of camouflage needed. Aside from.that, they typically always wear a set of well-worn leather armor, consisting of bracers, a cuirass, boots, belt with a small sheath and pouch, and leggings with shin guards. They also carry an old leather backpack with a quiver attached, which has room for about 20 arrows.

Maj'reiza's primary weapon is a longbow they made, along with a bone hunting knife. Both are simple, but highly effective.

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