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Space Engineers, Aurus' secret

by halfbreedfury

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A group of teenager friends must gather up allies to keep the PirateX Expansion Group from releasing a deadly parasite. Admiral V'dam must choose weather or not the PirateX is the right place for him.

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Chapter 2, crap just got real

In the northern hemisphere, near a lake on the planet Aurus, there were four teenagers, August, Aurora, Isaac, and Rose.

August was 15 years old and loved to create things. He was, strange to say in the least. He loved to listen to various sorts of epic music with occasional rock and punk-rock here and there. He usually dressed in some tight blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and a grey sweater. August also had a mop of dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and was seriously good at drawing.

Aurora was 16 years of age, and was crazy enough to drive a rover off a cliff into a starship, and some how, thought that takis were unholy objects of human destruction. She loved to listen to roughly the same music as August, but dressed in a different manner. Aurora constantly wore a night-blue, jumpsuit, to which she would attach armor. She had long, deep-purple hair, and brown eyes. She loved to race against others, and occasionally and most she would win.

Isaac was a very strait forward fellow. He was 14 years old and always told things as they were, was very wordy, and, knew how to do technology better than anyone (aside from August). Isaac liked to listen to symphonies and operas; he found them rather sophisticated and "insightful". Isaac always dressed for the occasion, on non-occasional days he wore a neat black turtle-neck which he tucked into his belt. He also wore a rather flexible pair of slacks. Plus he was also quite skilled with a bow, with which, he had a 99% success rate.

Rose, was a ninja of sorts. She was an expert of stealth, and instant kill. She was very skilled with a plasma blade. and was 15 years old. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She wore white tank-top mostly, a silver bracelet which could suit her up in seconds, exploiting the power of nano-tech. she also wore a pair of mechanic-worn jeans, since she also kept up maintenance on their home's hardware.

August drummed on the edge of his platinum non-desk as he listened to an old song from a punk-rock band , he drummed as he was absorbed in the world he was in. August was designing a new type of weapon: a fusion-coil based plasma SMG. He called it the NX-357269 Heavy Repeater. He was drawing the design, and fitting the pieces together in a holographic replication of the potentially, most destructive, hand-held weapon ever. As he scrapped the design and moved on to a redesign of the outer covering he rolled his office chair backwards and grabbed the soda he had carelessly set on his 3d-printer. he rolled back over to his design table and began fitting parts to it, his mind quickly racing through all variables of where he was placing the components and their effects. He felt a presence that he knew very well, a sense of chaos, adrenaline, and the gentleness of a good friend's respect for you. August Spun his chair around and leaned back comfortably in the chair, sipping his Pepsi. Aurora was there and was leaning against the doorway lazily, watching August assemble his design in the whimsical way he usually did.

"I see you've been busy August." Aurora said as she surveyed the mess of models, drawing tablets, holograms, discarded clothing, devices and more.

"Oh this?" August gestured, "This is the cleanest my room will ever be." Aurora smiled and gestured for him to follow her.

"we got a surprise that you're sure to like." August got up and pressed the 'Print' button before he left, and the whirring of the 3D nano-printer could be heard as they left the room.

August stepped through the sliding door behind Aurora. August put his hand to his eyes as he waited for them to adjust to the outside light. He followed the vague shape of Aurora and stopped at the platform where she did, as his vision cleared, he saw a large ship come into view. August then looked at it with fully adjusted sight and was in awe. what stood before him was an SF-367 Dreadnought, one of the most powerful ships known to that part of the galaxy.

The ship had two Super-MACs on the front, 3 230mm battle-cannon turrets on either side just a bit behind the MACs. behind those, as the ship widened, there were 4 14.5mm machine gun turret. behind these, the ship widening with spaced armor, were 8 31-cm/50 type 0 turrets, and in the back were 11 MK 6 hydrogen Engines as well as many others hidden under the hull. the rest of the ship was peppered with blue turbo-laser turrets. the under-side had many Gatling guns and even greater amount of turbo-laser turrets. between the 31-cm/50 type 0 and the 14.5mm turrets, there were 3 separated entrances to the hangar bay. the ship looked like a spike-shaped pin-cushion.

August stood, basking in the glory of the dreadnought. He slowly walked the length of the ship, absolutely stupefied at the gloriousness of this ship.

"In case you were wondering, this dreadnought is approximately 100 meters long and approximately 25 meters wide." Isaac said coming up behind August.

"Did you guys do this?" August said in absolute amazement.

"Yes, yes we did, we also added a hyper-drive, and rooms for all of us. We also customized the bridge, living room, and the observatory." Rose said coming down from an opening in the outer hull.

"Where'd you guys get this? you didn't build it, did you?"

"No, we tricked a mercenary into giving it to us, then we killed him for trying to kill the Space Pirate ambassador. He thanked us for the help and we just left, after he gave us 500,000 sc." Aurora said bragging to August. They all laughed merrily and were happy for a while.

Admiral V'dam stood on the bridge of his ship, an xc-4973 capital-war-cruiser, waiting for the all clear. For hours now, a small fleet had been massing, all because a group of children had assassinated a PirateX spy. Suddenly a console began to beep, and lights began to blink.

"Sir, we've been given the all clear." one of the officers said. V'dam looked over at the navigational officer and nodded. he pushed a few buttons and switched a lever and the stars around them quickly became a blue rotating tunnel of inter-dimensional energy. Moments later the tunnel warped into the sight of a lovely earth-like planet known as Aurus. he looked around, out of the windows to see the other members of his fleet arrive.

"Hail the murderers." V'dam ordered stiffly. He was ready to execute the violators and punish them for their crimes.

August took a final breath and began flipping all kinds of switches and pushing buttons As he flipped the final switch he looked over at his friends in their ship cockpits, smiled, and then signaled that he was ready, they all signaled back and he could see the thrusters of the other fighters were beginning to glow. They all looked forward at the hologram that stood before them, a girl that had short dark hair, a light brown cardigan, ripped jeans, and knee-high boots. She raised her hand, and then shot it down. As soon as her hand went down, they took off, flying at almost sub-light speeds ,through rings that restricted the course.

August "drifted" around a tight corner and jetted past Aurora. He made the mistake of looking behind him and saw Aurora's frustrated face. As August looked forward saw a rock arch quickly approaching he slid his cockpit canopy back and leaped an unnatural height over the arch and landed in his cockpit sliding the canopy back over his head.

Aurora simply flew under the arch and jammed an afterburner burst. She saw a sharp corner up ahead and did something insane. She turned her ship, "drifted" to the corner and hit the after burner. The decreased distance between the thrusters and the rock face slingshotted her ship forward at mind boggling speeds, right past August and onto the finish line: a landing pad.

August landed second, Rose third, and Isaac last. August got out and hopped to the ground, as did everyone else. At they end of the congratulating and stroking of egos they were all hugging and high-fiving their hearts out. But their celebrations were cut short by an alarm going off, signalling that there was an incoming transmission.

"J.E.S. open the message." Rose ordered suddenly sounding serious, and straightening herself out. J.E.S. was an AI system they had to help run their base, it stood for, Just an Entertainment System to through enemies off. The others followed in realization that they didn't look as presentable as they could have. A blue holographic glow flickered into existence followed by the depiction of a very official looking man in a PirateX military uniform. They all instantly recognized the style of uniform and began rushing to and fro only having time to say 'NO!' before cutting off the the transmission. They were all thinking the same thing, seeing the fleet appear to decimate them above.



Hey guys guess what...



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