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Austin's Story

by halfbreedfury

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Austin was originally an experiment to see if human biology and physiology could handle powers of insane proportions. He was genetically coded and his mother was artificially inseminated. Satra died shortly after Austin's birth, leaving him a crystal with her memories vital to his survival and growth. Austin was raised by an alien cyborg known as Talkerok. After Austin turned 14, Talkerok's cybernetics failed him, and he died, Austin was then left to explore the universe with his good friend, an Astralin called Glitch. Around Austin's 16th birthday, he came in contact with the man responsible for Austin's creation, Gause Terlon. His "father" was very mentally unstable. During an argument between Glitch and Gause, Austin's emotions got the best of him and he tried to stop the fight, releasing his latent elemental ability, something he called "Dark Earth". It was extremely exhausting the first few times he used it, but the power grew steadily less energy consuming and more and more "potent" or stronger as some might say. After about a year, on Austin's 17th birthday he discovered the existence of portals, pyramid-shaped objects able to transport a being or object to a world or place. Austin's talisman, (his memory crystal) gained small triangular badges for each portal he traveled through. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where our story begins, a collection of Austin's travels through portals to fantastic and terrifying worlds.

 Austin tread through the thick foliage, grudgingly wishing he hadn't chosen to come here. But there was a portal here. His starship's scanners told him so. He walked on, following the continuous fluctuating flow of noise that the nearby portal gave off.

"Good lord, how much further! This brush is getting on my nerves!" Austin yelled. Glitch, who was phasing right through most of the brush behind Austin, looked up at him with her glowing blue face.

"I have no idea what you're going on about." Glitch said sarcastically. Austin rolled his eyes at her, though she could not see.

At last Austin and GLitch arrived at a little clearing where there stood a large glowing-blue pyramid-shaped portal, with smaller triangle-shaped particles surrounding it.

"Oh! At last!" Austin shouted, tapping a button on the side of his helmet, which disintegrated into the pod behind his ear via nano-technology. GLitch phased through a bush and looked at Austin.

"You seem tired." Glitch continued to tease.

"Oh, will you stop it Glitch!" Austin said smiling.

"Where do you think it leads?"

"You know that we never know where they lead."

"but it's fun to guess though right?"

"yeah, I guess."

"You ready?"

"Yup, here we go."

Austin and Glitch sprinted at the portal. Austin tripped on something hard and wooden and fell, while Glitch managed to step over it. Austin was immediately met with the sound of prop. engines, the smell of oil and gasoline, the gust of mild wind, and the floor beneath him seemed to vibrate violently, but the sort of vibration, an engine makes.

"you O.K. buddy?" Glitch said holding out a hand. Austin grabbed it and pulled himself to his feet with the help of his friend. They both looked around to see where they were. Austin spotted a girl who was dressed almost like a pilot. She had long blonde hair, a brown leather jacket, tall black boots, a red scarf around her neck, and slightly baggy brown pants held up with a belt. Strapped to her left leg the look to be a gun, in a few sleeves on her jacket there were some wrenches, screwdrivers, and a small flashlight. on her head were a pair of dark pilot goggles.

"Hey, do you know what this place is?" Austin said, approaching the girl, who looked to be around 20.

"Oh, hi. Uh, this is Avangard, the world of skies. You must've traveled through a portal. I'm Sarah by the way." She held out her hand to Austin who shook it and looked about the place they were in. He now realized they were on an airship, about 6 miles up Austin guessed by the thinness of the air. Austin relaxed a little bit, getting used to the vibration of the floor, the smell of burning fuel, and the constant blowing of wind which played with his scruffy hair annoyingly.

"Hey I'm about to start a race, wanna come with me?" Sarah said invitingly.

"Sure, I'm good with, things that fly." Sarah finally took notice of Glitch.

"Oh my god! An astralin! I-I'm sorry what's your name?" Sarah seemed far more interested in Glitch than anyone else.

"I'm Glitch. And if you need power, I'm your girl." Glitch said proudly. Sarah shook herself loose and tried to concentrate. All Aight, come with me. You offered to pilot- wait, what's your name, I'm so sorry."

"Nah girl it's fine. I'm Austin."

"Okay, thanks. But yeah, you wanted to fly this thing?"

"Uhm-er, sure!" Austin and GLitch followed Sarah close behind to the bridge of the large flying behemoth. The cockpit had a fantastic view of all the airships lined up next to them.

"I got this hunk o' junk from a mechanic who hadn't any need for this thing, it was designed as a warship, and to manned by at least four people. not counting the computer. But I haven't gotten that thing to work in years. Sarah Bustled over a console.

"Wait did you say this thing has a computer?" Glitch perked up.

"Yeah over there." She pointed to a rusty console with tons of lights, switches, and buttons on it. Glitch walked over to it and put her glowing hand on it.

"Be careful, it's supposed to help control the main maneuvering thrusters."

"you don't say." Glitchsaid, then, she disappeared in a flash of light, and the console, as well as several others, burst to life, their lights beginning to flash, and their controls beginning to move. a mechanical sound could be heard behind them in the walls, and a loud ignition sound, followed by the muffled roar of thruster came into existence.

Glitch's face appeared on a hand-sized screen on both Sarah's and Austin's console.

Sarah looked amazed and bewildered.

"How'd she do that?"

"She's an Astralin!" Austin yelled, "She can exist inside of machine computers."

Sarah handed Austin a small device and pointed to her ear. He understood and inserted the device into his left ear, which then allowed him to hear everyone clearer.

An announcer's voice could be heard outside but spoke in a language Austin did not understand. But the next part Austin definitely understood, three lights. Red... Yellow... GREEN! Austin slammed the acceleration lever forwards, and the ship kicked forward at an impressive speed. He used the flight controls in front of him to steer. a very small ship nearly hit him, but that was the other driver's problem, if Austin let up, and didn't focus, he'd end up in a fiery inferno at the bottom of the planet. Austin simply focused on going where he needed to go. A few ships passed him but he was able to pass them at turns by power-sliding the ship through the air and round the corner. However, there was another trick Austin had up his sleeve. He noticed that most of the other pilots flew in two dimensions, length, and width. Austin pointed the nose of the ship upward and they began to incline. They approached the finish line and Austin dived, the feeling of zero gravity settled while Austin gripped the handles of the flight control wheel, while Sarah gripped her console. They increased in speed and pulled ahead of the racers.

"Glitch now!" He yelled, suddenly, the roar of the thrusters came to life, and they began to slow as they crossed the finish line. Austin and Sarah lurched forward as they reached a complete stop at their floating dock. The large ship creaked with stress and Austin sighed with relief.

"Another happy landing."

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