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The Wraith's Lament Chapter 5

by timidbutler

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Updated on Chesna goes on the quest to hunt for the rhakos Eidola in the Under Sol. Event- 4 AP Personal- 3AP 847 Words- 16 AP Total: 23 AP

The sewer...Not the most pleasant of places. The brown hawk, destined to be a heroine, Chesna flocked to the new location where the strange stryx had vanished. Eidola was to be captured along side the rest of the rhakos, so yhey couldn't further cause chaos and damge to the nearest tribes and villages. But that had proven difficult, once the strange cotrupted rhakos disappeared in the Under Sol. The catacombs on the Under Sol hit the darkness and the dirtiest of waters but this fiend has fled into the most darkest place all of Wyvera has known the city of Sol. But Chesna, she was bound to this task. She had an oath to the city of Sol. the hawk bravely dashed down into the darkness of the sewers, rushing water and skittering rats echoed throughout the chambers. Some of the guards had already gone down this path; but they had been lost upon the darkness of the caverns in these catacombs. their cries of help echoed constantly throughout the darkness and caverns oh, and the waters below that streams through The Ravines deep within this area Underground. it was this task to save the guards from the evil stryx, that decided to hinder its capture by hiding in the darkness and in the waters that lurked below.Her claws clicked along the stone ground, quickly but cautiously keeping an eye out. Despite the darkness, she was listening for the voices of the guards lost and an eerie hiss from Eidola. Voices fruitfully pierced her ears, causing her to dash without thinking. One quick slip, and she plundered into the icy dark water below her. She screeched out in fright and surprised, splashing about, flailing in hopes to get her closer to the ledge closest to her. The murky waters swished and swayed, churning wildly to contort the hawk's direction towards the ledges. Frustrating to begin with, Chesna dove beneath the surface of the water, evading the rough waters currents.Chesna stared ahead in the murky waters ahead of her, glimpsing a solid glowing figure underneath the water with her. Eidola..She had been sneaking about the dark waters in hopes to scare and terrorize the stryx and guards on the hunt for the rhakos. But she had already seen Chesna and made a mad dash towards the hawk. However Chesna immediately began her engagement with the corrupted stryx, swimming directly into the beast. Both styrx were quicl to butt heads, using their bodies and strength to drag each other towards the bottom of the dark ravine made of cold yellowish brown bricks and stones. They tusseled and squirmed, locking talons and beaks. It was a silent watery fight, with the turmoil picking up as the water began to run faster and each of their air supply began to deplete.Breaking apart, both stryx swam up towards the water's, collecting each of themselves a gulp of air before returning to their battle. Locking claws again, they scratched and swiped at one another in Fierce determination to disable one another from the fight, but both were slowly wearing thin from the energy of being kept aloft in the fast current of the waters. Each gave a scream and a screech, their voices tiring and their lack of energy drawing them closer to passing out. A rope appeared on either of rhako's and hawk's neck, lassoing and restraining each of ther birds to drag them towards the ledgings of the ravine. The lost guards of the search party had discovered the stryx from their fighting and noises, drawn to them like moths to a fight. Pulling up both the exhausted birds, the guards entrapt the rhakos, ensuring Eidola couldn't escape. Chesna was given some space to sit and shake her feathers off, before being offered by a yearling guard to dry her off with an old and worn banner found at the scene. Chesna was thankful to have found the lost guards together and not hurt too! She gave a thrill of excitement and nudged the yearling guard, a young elf man, that was tending to her, affectionately nudging him with the tip of her beak. The older, more experienced guards tended to the rhakos, placing a harness upon it and leading the tired beast towards the way they had come to seek out the corrupted stryx. Chesna followed along suit with the group, helping with leading everyone out of the Under Sol. With the twists and turns back, it could've been difficult to track backward but with the help of the group's sense of direction, they all made it back outside. It had turned night while they had been stranded deep within the Under Sol, a bright moon worshipped them in celebration, followed by cheers by their fellow guards and stryx combined! Eidola, too exhausted to care, took the moment to relax and take a long needed rest. Chesna was eagerly praised for her bravery and her aid on the quest to find Eidola the Rhakos! The big bosses would be so happy to hear of their victory.

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