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by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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A story I wrote dedicated to my friends in general. If you consider yourself my friend, this is to you. ~.^

You show me life, and I'll show you
Because we can both see, we both know the truth
The ups and downs of our hearts and moods
Play out in words and show our roots

We often think that things get bad
And that makes us lose to fear and go mad
But in the end, the truth still lies
That you and I are all that stays true, while bygones go by

Beating hearts, pumping veins, and telling stories
Of days passed where others have gone and lost to their glories
Secrets pass as we speak forbidden words
And tears are spilled as we are caught, being sent away to eat our curds

But even then, we continue to share
Whispering, yelling, and having to bare
With horrible conditions that make us cry and whine
But either way, we want to live, not die...

At least not until we say good bye...

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