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After Pain is Love

by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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Old poem I found and finished up. Can't really explain it, it is on hwo love can be found after self inflicted pain. #_# Don't ask...

Love and Pain
A thin line in between
Never expected the rain
Thought you'd always be his queen

Your attention has grown short
You contemplate your situation
And you give a snort
Because you couldn't stand his belittling dictation.

But the real pain and grief
Of your love and relationship
Has only made the sadness brief
As you know that it was real, and not just slightly above friendship

Because the truth and realization
Is always the better choice
Even past the horrible indignation
And past the face that grows moist

But there is said to be a love that goes on for you
That the love is eternal and always holds your hand
A love who loves you true
And will always be a part of your hearts band.

Your mind will run blank the moment before you met the love
And your heart will slow to nothing
After you have done it and sent yourself above
But you will know you when you see the face, always so loving

That even past the death
Your heart will not go to rest
And you will be happy again, sharing your now spread wings
With the face of the sky and the beautiful clouds that are filled with doves and rings...

Of love..

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