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Incomplete Tier 2 Training

by Rilameth

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An incomplete literature featuring Polaris, Osteon, Barghest, Xarxus, Luxifer, and Ambriel.

"You know, it would be nice if the policymakers didn't assume every untrained dracostryx was all of three months old."
Ambriel could only shrug at Luxifer's comment - though he had spent much time with mortals (more than he technically should, considering his duties), a great many things that guided their decisions still baffled him. Such as the extreme fixation on physiological age over psychological maturity.
The three riders and three dracostryx were in various states of rest within the forest clearing - Luxifer was leaning against the large leg of a skeletal-looking casua, seemingly unconcerned with her razor-sharp, massive, and exceedingly deadly talons; the casua herself was content to watch her temporary rider with some amusement, icy gaze piercing the night in a manner unsettling to most (some might consider it her version of Resting B**** Face).
The five foot nine, brown-skinned, horned and tailed devil that was Xarxus was currently keeping Barghest occupied, their game marked by a series of bursts of fire - the principle was to master restraint, to moderate the intensity of the fire for when full incineration was not actually desired. The dark-furred lycan's markings made her look like a distant wildfire, but her flames frequently were more 'planetary mantel' in temperature instead, and had only been growing hotter with Xarxus' influence.
Hence his concerns about teaching her how to not burn down the forest.
The beige tyto of the small gathering was lying down, mostly curled around the others - his massive size dwarfing everyone else, though his aura belied his wariness. Ambriel was standing near Polaris' head, stroking his feathers reassuringly - though Polaris had started the road to recovery, past trauma still laid fresher in his mind than anyone would've liked.
Their immediate environment was, as mentioned before, a forest clearing - surrounded by flowering bushes, trees, and the movement of nocturnal wildlife finding food for their young. Pollen was as heavy in the air at night as it was during the day, though most of the pollen in the immediate area had been incinerated instead of finding its flowery targets.
The night was partially cloudy, stars shining where the clouds were not obscuring them, and the half-moon doing its best to provide what light it could. The dim lighting did not trouble anyone in the clearing, all three stryx nocturnal by nature, while the riders each had their own means that meant darkness was no obstacle to their sight.
Luxifer read over the paper explaining the training regulations again, once more wondering just how out-of-touch the policymakers were with reality. Or maybe the policymakers just didn't use much thought, who knew? Still, this lack of forethought on the part of those who had wrote the regulations did - perhaps unintentionally - create a mildly interesting puzzle. That being, 'how to make the second tier of training count for stryx that were far from clumsy on the ground.'
I won't be able to finish this, so I figured I'd upload it so that it could at least qualify for Misc AP for the stryx in it.
All three riders (Ambriel, Xarxus, Luxifer) belong to me. Polaris (currently) belongs to me. Osteon and Barghest belong to Shavahi.
Wordcount: 479 words
AP Breakdown:
Wordcount (479 words): +9
Extra Stryx: +3
Personal Art (for Polaris only): +3
Total: 12 AP for Barghest and Osteon, 15 AP for Polaris

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