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GH 2021 - Chasing the Wisps

by ethanol

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Shade and Wuji hunt for the elusive Stryx Wisp, and come across many more Wisps along the way.

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Chapter 1, The Ethereal Stryx

463 Words
"Wuji, for Nokt's sake SLOW DOWN!!!"
The feline was clinging to the back of his mount for dear life as Wuji - unbothered by his Rider's pleas - continued to sprint into the night.  A plume of yellow and green smoke spewed from his nostrils; Wuji was curious about something, and no amount of begging was going to make him stop now.  His wings cut the still of night with their flapping as he sailed on, seemingly chasing some invisible threat.
"You're blind, for Nokt's sake!" Shade hissed. "At this speed I can't steer you out of danger if you go careening too close to something, you know!"
Then, suddenly, blue smoke.  Was Wuji sad...?  No, wait, he was still exhaling yellow and green.  Turns out the blue wasn't from Wuji after all; a swarm of wisps had surrounded them, uttering strange incantations in whisper as they swam alongside Shade and his Stryx.  As the wisps surrounded them Wuji slowed, his wing beats reduced from a frenzied flap to a gentle glide as Shade gently touched the wisps with his paws.
It seemed the wisps were headed somewhere though, as the ocean of them swam past Wuji and continued on into the night.  The same curious colours lifted from Wuji's nostrils as Shade gently leaned forward, urging his blind Corva to follow the tide.  Thankfully the ride was easy, a gently winding path through an open patch of sky that didn't require too many risky maneuvers from the Stryx and his Rider.  A few times Wuji tried to take a stray wisp in his beak, only for the wisp to quickly sail away before he could close it.
Finally, they saw what the wisps had been heading for.  A massive wisp sat upon a stump in the middle of the clearing, one that looked like a massive glowing Corva at first glance.  A Stryx Wisp - Shade had never seen one in person before, and was taken aback by just how massive it was.  The ethereal drake watched as the smaller wisps danced around it, a benevolent expression in its luminous eyes that let the visitors know this behemoth meant no harm.
For a moment, the Stryx Wisp turned its beak to look at Shade and Wuji.  It said nothing, but it didn't have to; Shade knew what that expression meant. "Welcome," it read, "and congratulations on finding me."
Though almost as suddenly as the wisps had appeared, the Stryx Wisp spread its wings wide and took to the sky.  As the sun began to peek above the horizon, it and its legion of wisps faded into the ethos like mist evaporating into the wind.  It was a magical sight.
"Well, we're never going to witness that again!" Shade said with a laugh. "Let's go home."
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