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GH 2021 - A Giant Gourd

by ethanol

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Albus and Boots find a massive pumpkin

404 Words
"Ah... What a remarkable specimen this is."
The autumn forest was quiet, the ground brown from leaf litter and pumpkin remnants.  While the dusk had driven most of the daytime pumpkin patch pilferers back to their homes, it had the opposite effect on the elderly Albus; now that the forest was peaceful, he felt free to peruse the patch at his own pace.  Leaves crunched underfoot at the Rhakos wandered through the garden with purpose, drawing close to one of the biggest pumpkins he'd ever seen.
By his side, a small furry creature the size of a small dog scurried after him.  This was Boots, his tarantula companion; she often accompanied him on his excursions.  As Albus lay a single claw upon the pumpkin, Boots tapped at it with one of her furry feet.
"It's just a pumpkin, Albie." Boots chirped. "What's so remarkable about it?"
Albus regarded her for a moment, before getting himself into a comfortable sitting position amid the leaves.  Boots cringed a little, knowing this was a sure sign he was about to start talking... but she soon shook this off, replacing the grimace with a curious smile as Albus drew a deep breath in and released it.
"You see, my dear Boots.  For many seasons myself and the rest of my kind have been under the control of a mysterious plague..."
"I know that," she interjected, "but that doesn't have anything to do with the pumpkin, does it?"
Albus smiled at her in return. "Not directly, no.  If I were to explain why this gourd is catching my intrigue however, I would say... I've never once seen one taller than I am at full height.  That alone is rather remarkable, no?"
Boots turned to stare at the pumpkin for a moment, before turning back to Albus. "Well, I suppose that's true.  Pumpkins the size of Stryx aren't the norm."
After this statement, there was silence from the pair.  The light was slowly fading as the sun sunk lower beneath the horizon, and Boots couldn't help but shiver a little as a cooling breeze ran through.  Albus was merely quiet, staring at the pumpkin thoughtfully as the waning day cast an orange hue on his pure white feathers.
Finally he glanced to Boots. "How about we knock it over and eat its innards?"
"Now you're talking!" The tarantula whooped, excitedly slapping her forelegs on the ground. "It's pumpkin pie time!!!"

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