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Glimmer In The Forest

by ThunderRemix8

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, General, Humor, OneShots, OriginalFiction

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Wisps are a wily prey, and Moonhunt is an overconfident hunter. 334 words. Featuring Moonhunt ds12996

Moonhunt was the noble beast of the sky, stunning, resplendent in his silver- shimmering coat. He ducked and weaved through the trees, not a single branch or leaf touching his fur. Banking down, he readied himself for landing, when a soft glimmer caught his eye. Flapping to regain some altitude, he craned his head, trying to catch the shine again. There!  A faint blue spark. Out so far from civilization, there was only one thing it could be. A wisp!

Moonhunt surged, keeping the spirit light in his sights. Wisps weren’t an everyday occurrence, and if he managed to catch one, they could be tethered to one as a companion, or used as regents for spells. The wisp seemed to sense his intentions, as it began to dart deeper into the trees. Unlike the Lycan, it didn’t have to worry about dodging rocks and trunks, slowly gaining a lead, but the bat was relentless. How dare they deny the moon made flesh?!

He pulled his wings in close, settling into a well practiced dive. No more trees to evade, this is it! He closed the distance and grinned as the wisp came into his range. He flung his claws forward, ready to sink wicked hooks into ghostly energy. For his efforts, he was rewarded with digging his claws into rock instead, slamming foot first into a mossy boulder that the wisp disappeared into. 

Momentum carried him into the boulder, his stomach and crotch getting off better than his legs. He howled in misery, springing away and gingerly checking his claws. Two on his left foot were cracked and bleeding, and many more chipped, but not damaged to the point where he had to bring down prey with only his fangs. Growling with righteous fury, he clambered back up the boulder. The wisp played him for a fool; now it was personal! He spotted the glimmer again, and gave chase, not thinking for a moment that the wisp might be luring him to another trap.

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