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An Introduction to Lyric

by corynmay

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Get to know Lyric, also known as Lyza, Lyra, or Lyanna. Character creation module, apprenticeship part 1 for Lyric!

Character Name: Lyric (also known as Lyza Zath’tanith, Lyra Aleaneldth, or Lyanna Crestsinger)

Character Age: 24

Character Species: Changeling. Favors the form of the demoness Lyza, but also takes the forms of the elf Lyra or the human Lyanna regularly. 

Hair color:  Lyric’s natural hair is an iridescent silver that seems to change color when the light hits it at different angles.  It hangs limply around her shoulders, with no life or volume to it whatsoever.

In the form of Lyza, her hair is deep red and has black horns that curl up and back from the sides of her head.  It is cut into a sleek bob that is kept immaculately styled at all times.

Lyra’s hair is straight and jet black.  Her long hair falls to the center of her back, and is often tied into a half-up style with a set of intricate braids.  This keeps the hair out of her face while also giving off the impression of elven royalty.

Lyanna’s blonde hair falls in perfect princess curls around her shoulders.  It is always seemingly naturally immaculate, as if she just rolled out of bed looking like this.  After all, the approachable peasant girl needs to be naturally pretty, right?

Eye color: Lyric’s eyes are silver.  Her irises have a watery and glassy quality to them, making it seem as though she’s always crying.  This quality also makes them somewhat reflective, occasionally giving the impression of looking into a mirror.  Her eyes give away her nature as one of the fae, and they are very difficult for her to disguise.  If she loses focus, the illusion over her eyes will always break first.  This is part of why she doesn’t have a lot of permanent identities - she knows these three well, and doesn’t need to be constantly focused in order to keep the illusion up.

Lyza’s eyes are a bright amber with flecks of gold, giving the impression that they are slightly glowing.  She emphasizes this with dark eyeshadow and thick eyeliner, to make the eyes stick out even more.  

Lyra has dark brown eyes that appear almost black.  

Lyanna’s eyes are crystal blue and seem to sparkle when she smiles.



Brief Biography:

Lyric (no last name) was born to a fae noblewoman.  She doesn’t know who, though, because as a baby, her fae parents traded her for a human child to save the human from an abusive household.  Lyric grew up with these abusive human parents, believing herself to be a human.  She doesn’t like to talk about this time much - it contains rough memories for her.  


The only thing that she will speak of is learning of her fae nature when she was 14 when she was able to disguise herself as another young girl and hide from her adoptive parents.   An imaginative child, she created the character of the demoness Lyza as a form of mental escape, and would create scenarios in which Lyza would be able to say and do the things that she wished she could.  Imagine her surprise when after one particular day, she looked at her reflection and found herself turning into the character that she had created!

Lyric spend the next few years learning to control these shifts, and found that she could appear as anyone she wished if she focused hard enough.  It soon came to be that becoming Lyza was second nature, and she spent quite a long time living her fantasy.  She told her human family that she was their escort to hell for the way they treated Lyric, and they fled, never to be seen again.


Now free from her home life, Lyric has spent the last several years on her own.  She has created the personas of the proud and stoic elven princess Lyra and the ditzy and adorable human peasant girl Lyanna to help her get around.  Now that she is grown, however, she wants to find her way back to her fae family and find out why she was the one chosen to be swapped into such an awful situation.  She is sure that her true family found her unworthy for some reason, and she looks forward to finding them again and showing how much she has grown.


Lyric is always hungry for new information.  In fact, she turned Lyza into a premier information broker for this very reason.  She loves nothing more than to bury herself into a tome of forgotten lore or sitting with some new friends, listening to the gossip.  She specializes in many different forms of magic, but she is the type to know a little something about most everything.  And if she doesn’t, she’ll happily trade you what she knows to find out what you know!  Endlessly curious, often to her own detriment, Lyric is the type to explore every nook and cranny of an area before moving on.


However, Lyric also keeps her cards close to her chest.  She has mastered the art of making people feel like they know her without really knowing anything at all.  


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