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by sunxiaochuan

Libraries: Mystery, OriginalFiction

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Character Name:xiaochuan
Character Age:25
Character Species:furry
Hair color Tongue ink
Eye color:gules
Sample:Xiaochuan is a pink cat furry.Born in Beijing, ChinaHe used to work in Xuezhen mental hospital. He was the president.One day, when he was examining the patient, he was sent to a world by the patient. When the president woke up, he found that his doctor's clothes were still on him and the needle tube could be used as a sword. Therefore, he sorted out his clothes, put on his weapon (needle tube), put on his mask and set out...
Description: cat furry, male, pink orange cat, wearing male nurse clothes and blue medical mask, with super large needle syringe behind, can only speak Chinese, and the position is dean

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