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Awakening the Flame

by Twilightinsanity

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Valthier stirred, and rose. He didn't remember falling asleep. He didn't remember being so cold, either. It was unbearable. Colder than he'd ever felt before, both inside and out."It's disorienting at first." Said a soft voice. "That's normal."Val was in someone's arms. It was Carmelon! 'That's right', thought Valthier. 'I was turned. Does that mean... I died?'He shivered uncontrollably and hugged his vampiric master tightly, trying to get as close as possible. The smell of Carmelon's shirt was soothing, like incense.Carmelon petted Valthier's hair gently, before lifting a glass goblet from an adjacent end table. He brought it to Val's nose. "Drink up." He said. "You need your strength."Val looked at the cup and it's contents. Blood. This was the goblet Carmelon used to feed Val his blood, after he'd drained Val of all his own and killed him. Though Val couldn't remember drinking Carmelo's blood -- he was dead at the time, after all -- he could see the residue of the blood along one side of the glass, and the outline of lips.He allowed his master to feed him more blood, gulping greedily until it was all gone. When there was no more left to drink, he licked his lips -- his tongue scratching against his fangs -- and seemed unwilling to stop drinking. It was the sweetest taste.At this time the cold was unbearable, and as Val shivered, a series of ghastly flames appeared around him. Their soft blue light was not bright, but it was warm. However, no amount of heat was enough to warm Valthier's body. For the frigid cold was coming from inside him."Very good!" Said Carmelon. "Already using your powers. Ghostfire, a useful one. Try playing with it. See what you can do."Val looked around. With a wave of his hand he set the tiny fireballs floating around the room, illuminating whatever the could. There were candles in a candlestick on the mantle. He let one of his ghostfires light some. "This is... Amazing." Val said. "In all my training I'd never accomplished this before." He couldn't help but smile.Carmelon laughed. "Well, now you can call upon the power of ghostfire whenever you need. Just be sure to keep your energy up. You'll need to drink enough blood to keep using it."Val extinguished the flames with a thought. After a moment of enjoying the darkness and snuggling into Carmelon's chest, he opened his hand and a blue flame appeared in it, flickering it's soft cool light that cast shadows on the two undead elves' faces."I think I'm going to like this." He said, before smiling up at his master. The older vampire smiled back, and leaned forward to kiss Val softly.~~~~~~~The next evening, Valthier was roused from his repose. He hasn't been asleep, per say. It was more of a state of suspended animation. Like being truly dead, only to rise again in mockery of life.He looked around and saw Carmelon gazing down at him, smiling softly. It made Val smile too, in comfort. The next thing he saw was that, like before, his ghostfires were hovering around him like will'o'wisps, faintly casting their lantern-like light around the room.He sat up, and allowed the lights to continue floating around the pair. They set a romantic mood anyway. Carmelon spoke gently."We should probably get you your own coffin. I can have my servants build you one." He put a hand to Valthier's cheek. The younger elf shivered at the touch of his master's fingers, enjoying feeling this affection."A c-coffin?" He stammered. "You don't intend to bury me, do you?" He smirked, joking at Carmelon.The older vampire laughed, his jewelry tinkling as his body shook. "Goodness, no! I want you always within my grasp." He leaned forward to rest his forehead against Val's "it would be made of the finest lacquered wood, and gold adornments. Masterfully carved." He went on."You don't have to do all that." Val said, smiling and wrapping his arms around his master's neck. "A simple wooden box will do. Pretty but plain." He kissed Carmelon slowly and deeply, enjoying the taste of his lips. With a thought, the ghostfire orbs danced in a circle slowly around the two, casting their shadows and making the whole space feel like a dream."You're getting good at that." Carmelon whispered. "The powers.""Don't change the subject." Val whispered back, teasing. He bit Carmelon's bottom lip gently, but enough to break skin. Then he kissed the man's bleeding lips, moaning and humming lovingly.Carmelon growled and lowered Valthier back down onto his back in the bed. Leaning over him, Carmelon bit Val's neck and drank deeply, causing the younger vampire to scream out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as his ghostfires went out. The room fell into darkness.

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