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Lyric's Eventide Ring Campaign

by corynmay

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Eventide Ring Campaign Part One!

Chapter 1, Lyric Meets Izre


Prompt #1 - Izre


“So, you said that you’re a scholar as well, right?”

Izre’s question startled Lyza from her reverie.  She had been so hungrily focused on the heaping plate of meat that had been placed in front of her that she had not even been paying attention to her benefactor.  One of the joys of being in the form of a demon was that no one looked twice at her eating an absurd amount of food.  “Ah, yes.  I am.  I, personally, can’t stand knowing that there’s something I don’t know.”

“Glad we met, then!”  Izre’s catlike eyes excitedly focused on Lyza’s. “What’s your primary field of study?”
“Well, I dabble a bit in as much as I can.  Although I have a particular focus and interest in the history, origins, and development of magic.” This was true, at least.  “I believe that magic makes up the core of the world, and the more we understand the rules surrounding it and how it changes with time, the closer we are to understanding everything.”

“I entirely agree,”  Izre replied.  “Similar to my expertise, in fact.  In that case, what do you know about corrupted magic?  Or, I guess I should say magic that corrupts by its very presence?”

“I...can’t say that I know much about any of that,”  Lyza answered self-consciously.  She didn’t even know that magic itself could be corrupted - although she’d never admit to such an oversight.  “But like I said, I hate knowing that there’s something I don’t know.  If you’re willing to speak on the subject, I’ll happily trade you any information that I may have.”

Izre chuckled as she began digging into some of the mutton on her plate.  “Ah, an information broker, are we?”
“Actually, yes.  That’s my primary source of employment.”  Unwilling to meet the fellow demon’s eyes, Lyza began to cut up one of her steaks.  “And enjoyment.”

“Well then!” Izre excitedly clapped her hands.  “Perhaps between the two of us, we can figure out how these magics work.” 

“Certainly.  Tell me what you know and I’ll see if anything I know seems to connect.”

Izre started chattering excitedly, only taking small breaks to shove more food in her mouth.  “Well. I’ve been studying the corruption magics surrounding this area for quite some time, a few firefalls now.  The cataclysm of the planet, you know, the one that killed a lot of people when the Eventide Ring’s rotation stopped, was caused by this magic.  And it’s still around - that’s what causes the firefalls.”

“Interesting.”  Lyza kept her gaze focused on Izre’s eyes, trying to not show her concern for Izre’s lack of manners.  “I’m surprised the guild doesn’t know about this.”

“Oh, no, when I brought that information to the bigwigs at the guild, the guildmaster already knew.  They just don’t think we can do anything about it.”  Suddenly remembering her manners, Izre took a beat to swallow the bit of mutton she had in her mouth.  “You see why we don’t get along.”

Lyza smiled.  “Understood.  I was worried that the guild disliked you because you were a criminal or something.”  She chuckled under her breath. “Go on.  You were talking about the bits of corruption magic still on the Ring.”

“Yeah, see, all we know how to do right now is contain these pockets of corruption magic.  That’s it.  Keep it from spreading.  And everyone seems to think that’s enough.  But I want to learn how to dispel it, get rid of it for good, ya know?”  Izre buried her head in her hands.  “I just…if there’s something I can do to help fix the damage that’s been done here, I want to do it.”

“Of course,” Lyza replied.  “I completely understand.  Reminds me of another portal I went to with a similar problem.”

Their conversation gave way from the useful to the useless, and they spent quite some time talking and laughing over their food.  After a while, Izre asked the waiter for the bill.

“I need some rest, and I imagine you do as well, Lyza,” Izre said as she counted her gold.  “Please do think on my proposal.  I’d be honored if you would join me.”

Lyza considered for a moment.  She had forgotten that Izre had invited her along on her expedition.  Well, Izre did say that she would be paid.  And there were certainly more than enough firefall scavengers already - the chances of finding anything of use or value would be next to nothing.  And there was a chance to learn some new information here as well!
Well, this was certainly an obvious decision.  Lyza smiled at her companion and extended her hand.  “I’m in.”

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