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Songs of Reamere - Dracostryx

by CelineDGD

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Chapter 1

Flo had ventured to the nearest town down from the Aeris mountains, which she called her home. The day had started as it usually would in the large, beautiful city of Tahmil. She would descend upon the city, go to the nearest docks and fish. For some reason, less fish were to be found. Strange. Usually the docks were teeming with them. 
It certainly didn't help, she thought, that the bipeds around her paced here and there, looking all sorts of frazzled whereas they wouldn't be in normal circumstances.
Many groups of them came and went to do their business, which wasn't unusual, but there was something in the air today that told her something wasn't right. Her stomach knotted in worry. Flo decided to carefully approach the humans and listen in on them.
" A monster! Huge!" One of them cried out to the crowd. Another of them butted in and made a show of opening his arms as wide as they could go. "It was way larger than this!"
"The other fishers were right!"
"Boat was completely destroyed! It was madness!"
The crowd was looking on with worried eyes. It had been months since the first report, and the news were worse every time. The town couldn't take much more of these losses. Thankfully the crew always came out of this unscathed, and for this, Flo was relieved, even if she did not mingle with the hairless bipeds.
She stayed there a little longer, listening to their stories intently until the throng of people started to dwindle. Out there, she had heard, the sea was merciless and unforgiving. It wouldn't give you another chance if it didn't think you deserved it. And the low tide stank more than usual. 
She swooped close to the water for a last catch of the day, and left it at the feet of one of the unfortunate sailors. But before they could say anything or see what she had done, Flo spread her wings and flew back to the mountains after grabbing the fish that she wanted to keep, where few dared venture.
That night, she had really tried to fall asleep. But images and sensations from hours earlier assailed her. The few remaining fish under the docks, the sailors getting attacked by a monster, humans and Stryx alike not being able to afford to eat. The general panic of all assembled behind her.
It was an injustice! She had to put her foot down. This would not do! They needed help and fast.
So Flo devised a plan with her Songbird companion. With its sweet tweets in her ears, she spent all night planning.
The next day, the Tyto flew back to her fishing spot, tucked in her wings closer to her body in a plunging pose and impacted the water in a big splash. While under, she picked up as many fish as she could before resurfacing. When that was done, she laid them on the docks for all to see.
Flo then wandered to the closest bushes and picked up berries to lay down next to the fish, gently and making sure they wouldn't fall off the wooden structure. If anyone wanted or needed these, they could pick them up. She hoped this would help a bit.
She then flew back home. 
When she landed, she now took some time to reflect. Did she really want to go out there, with barely any information but a bunch of words she had heard from humans, in a dangerous situation, facing a giant, boat-wrecking monster? And what if the weather turned nasty?
Yeah sure, why not. 
Flo was skilled at many things and could even multitask, and it wasn't like she had anything to lose.
Well maybe apart from her life.
But this could be the most important thing she would do with her life, maybe ever. And heck, maybe she wasn't going to do this alone. She was sure many others had noticed the crisis and wanted to do something about it.
Taking care of self-doubts? Check.
Now she needed to see what she would need to bring with her and if she needed to do anything before going. She looked around. No one  was really waiting for her here, so she didn't have to let them know she was gone. At least that was something less to worry about.
Next, she examined her claws. Hm, they would need sharpening for this journey. It wasn't something she did often, but she did have a bone she could sharpen her claws on if the need was to arise, and today was the day.
Flo went through a mental checklist of things she might encounter on the way. Storms, being submerged in water, a monster (d'uh), humans in boats, etc. She would need to be prepared. The songbird that accompanied her landed on her head and tweeted softly in encouragement. She smiled at its attention. It would be a long arduous journey for sure, but also surely worth it.
The Tyto fluffed her feathers, trying to practice her poses of intimidation in case she had to face the monster. She hissed and made sure to put her fangs on display. Next she slashed at the air with the claws of her talons. 
Her stomach growled.
She jumped at the sudden noise and shook her head. Right, eating. She eyed the corner of her cave, where she had left some meat for later, as she had not been hungry enough to it in its entirety. She decided it was enough for now. So she walked over to it and offered some to her songbird before slowly devouring it. Then, the both of them flew back to the docks to drink.
And now well, there was only one thing left to do.
After they asked another Stryx for directions, and just to be sure, listened in on other travelers, Flo and her songbird followed other Stryx and their handlers toward east, towards the great sea.

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