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20 Little Poems; Arthurian Theme

by BamboozledByAnime

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This type of petry is one that some poets use for their own poems. Each line has a certain type of sentence you would need to come up with, for example, one of the lines requires you to say something in another language, but of course the entire poem needs to have a theme. So though each line may seem weird, it's what the poem fact sheet requested. Laugh, and shake your head at the non-sense in this poem as you see fit lol.

1. The old castle sits upon the hilltop, like a sentry standing guard.
2. Its windows stare at me through the darkness.
3. Gusty winds sway my trenchcoat. Images of Kings, Queens, Knights, Princes, and Princesses pass before me.
The fake smell of royalty wafts around me.
Shadows dance around the castle walls.
My tongue touches the midnight air as though I were trying to eat something non-existent.
4. Past meets present as seeing yourself from years past does in memory.
5. King Arthur and his knights seated at the round table.
6. King Arthur and his knights, nowhere to be found.
7. I walked into the dusty stairwell, exploring the history.
8. Doth thine Kingdom have many stairs?
9. Because long stairs means many.
10. He must climb to the top to reach the top.
11. The ingenious Arthur of Medeival times.
12. His excalibur was as straight as a looney man's mind.
13. I step through a stone wall and look around.
14. Kai walked amongst the trove of hidden treasures.
15. Tomorrow, my life will be richer.
16. Rocky treasures line themselves to show me the path to Arthur's throne. His ruling seat.
17. King Arthur lounged around because he was a king with a throne.
18. Ich bin blod! Arthur ist die Creme de la Creme.
19. The gold began to come alive and formed what looked like Arthur himself and spoke to me of his time and life.
20. The gold of the great king gives me new light to the once dark and empty castle.

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