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Dear Dad

by bloodysmurf

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Dad, I remember oh so much.

Dear Dad,

Dad, I remember oh so much. I remember when I was younger; I would climb all over you, and smother you with kisses. And I'd love to hear your chuckle; it'd tickled me to death. I remember the times when it was just you and me, and we'd cuddle up by the fire and you'd read me those books that I didn't understand, but I'd listen anyway, because it was your deep voice that read them. I remember when I fell, and came running up to you, with tears in my eyes, and told you it hurts. And you'd ask me where, and then you'd kiss all the pain away. I remember when I'd take your hand, and skip along the sidewalk, happy as ever. I remember when you'd twirl me around, and I'd screech with happiness as the wind blew in my hair. I remember when you spoiled me to death with love and kisses for no reason. I remember when you'd sing me to me, trying to lull me to sleep, and you'd brush your fingers across my cheek, and say how much you love me, thinking I was asleep and couldn't hear you. I remember coming over to your house on holidays, and jumping into your arms offering love tied up in pretty red bows. I remember when I'd ask a question about you and mom, and you tell me that not all mommies and daddies love eachother for the rest of their lives, but you'd tell me that they still love their child. I remember when you took me to grandma's house, and I'd run around in the rose garden, asking you to chase me. I remember that each time you caught me, you secretly pick off a red rose, scrape off the thorns, and put it behind my ear.

But when did that rose turn black?

Dad, I remember oh so much. And I love you with all my heart. But when did those kisses become a phone call once every month? When did that fire die down, and when did you stop reading? When did you stop kissing away the pain, cause now, you only bring pain. When did you stop singing your little song in my ear? When did you stop answering my questions? When did my presents of love stop being returned? Dad, when did you stop spoiling me with your love?

I know I never stopped. I remember the first weekend you had to cancel my visit. I was heart broken. I remember the first time I started to understand the book, but I was reading it alone. I remember when I had tears rolling down my face, but I had to kiss the pain away myself. I remember the first time I had to sing myself to sleep, and reassure myself you still cared. I remember the first time you forgot to wrap your love in a bow and I remember the first time you didn't send that love at all. And I remember, when that rose died, and fell to pieces.

Dad, I remember oh so much. I remember you. I remember to love you everyday. I remember to send you hugs and kisses, and presents of love. I remember to sing a soft lullaby to you. I remember your chuckle. I remember the feel of your callused hand in mine. I remember when I was spoiled with your love. I remember when you twirled me in the air. I remember that rose. I remember to love you.

But Dad, when did you forget?

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