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I Love You

by NegativeZero

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Forgotten in time, / And never remembered,...

Forgotten in time,
And never remembered,
The pain slowly fades,
Together in dreams,
Two of us as one,
Until the end of our days.
Slowly disappearing,
The memories are blurred,
One can alwaise feel pain,
Said all over again,
Trying to remember a friend,
Brings one to the beginning,
Twisted in a love,
Smiling in a friendship,
Inside your heart feels hurt,
Hiding your pain,
With tears down your face,
You speak but cant say a word,
Lost in forever,
With no one around,
Holding on to nothing,
Alwaise waiting around,
With your head held down,
Trying to find someone worth loving.

© 2003 TimZ

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