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by FuzzyPanda

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This iz a song i wrote a bit ago. I was in a an awful mood. Its about girl who lost her boyfreind and I end up with him in the end. But the girl trys to take him back, but i step in and prevent it from happaning. I hope yall like it. There is a melody to it. =) Lets see if you guys can catch it

With this little past time
You wonder were it all went
The questions rise around your thick headed world
The things you had
The love you shared
The long lasting lies you both created
Between you're never ending failing love

Scratching at your balding brain
You think to your solemn self
Was it me who did the damage?
Was it me who told the lies?
The choices you made created the hating
Your pathetic love spaced the separation

Thanks to your stupid decisions
I ended up with the happy ending
I roll with the good times
While you are stuck in the pit of a never ending cycle
Of hell you created all buy your self
And yet you still can't seem to figure out
Why you ended up there in the first place

Now that you have seen the true picture
You seem to think its okay to go back
While I live in this little world
At the same time, you seem to find it polite
To invite yourself into my little address
So now I advise in a more profound way
To keep off my welcome mat

You had this land once before
But while you had the chance
You abused its every particle of sand
And while I am the ruler of this piece
I am to tell you to keep your violent hands away from my land
Just fall away and let this be
You had the choice to be a good keeper
But now I am the sole divine lover

Just fall away
So I can live my life with this happy world
Just because you're unhappy
Doesn't suggest the world has to follow the same path
Its time to move on
Don't live your life like a fairy tell
Because it is never going to fall into place
Your bad choices created your role in life
Live it and back away

I would like to keep my would quite
This simple love is all I needed
I don't need your dramatic kayos
So say good night to your yesterdays
Say hello to my front door

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