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Fear (translated from Finnish)

by Brethesen

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One of my best poems translated into English.

Silently you curl up,
against the ruins of your hometown,
Pain in your side burns strongly,
as the heat burned your clothes,
Fear eternal shines from your eyes,
you're ready to cry.

Just a moment ago you talked and laughed with your friends,
but a flash of white light almost blinded you all,
after it disappeard a great pillar of fire rose to the skies,
knocking on the doors of Paradise,
and the firewall swept over your hometown,
now the charred bones of your friends haunts your nightmares,
you yell to the empty town,
in Fear you claw the gray wall,
and your nails split,
and rip off from your fingers.

Do you feel the insanity,
that grows in lonliness,
and that is set up by grief?

Slowly you raise up,
wiping of your tears,
in your ears are humming an odd voice,
and the roaring of your blood,
you feel sick,
but you're afraid to puke,
you grab your stomach,
when the pain burns inside you.

You gasp for air,
and you bend over,
the pain grows step-by-step,
you cry,
and pray for the pain to end,
only the red sky can hear your pray...

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