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Dragonball 3D

by sukuraba

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About myself: I'm a boy of 15 years old (almost 16). And I live in Holland, I'm good at writing stories because I am good in fantasy, well something about me is that I write only about myself, The name of the character that I am is: Sukuraba, my real name is: Dennis, but I like the name: Sukuraba, so thats something about me! :D

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 - Flying lessons

I woke up from a weird dream and walked downstairs, when I was there I drinked some coffee and walked upstairs again. When I checked the mail, I saw a weird letter from a weird person, I checked the name, and it was like: "Hey do you like to offer something!" And when I understood what that was about I deleted it, and there was no special mail for me, because I asked a friend of mine to come and help me out with my training. Then after that I dressed me on, and walked to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and maked my hair. Than I was ready to go to Dirk, my best friend, and I thinked that the mail was deleted by the way of his sending, so I was going to go to dirk, when I was downstairs, I heard a strange noise, I looked outside, and I heard something like this: *BURSS* And I saw a strange white bowl around a thing that looked like a human!!

And after I saw it I runned trough it, and sprinted out of the house, and shouted at the flying human, I was getting close to him and I shouted harder than ever like this: "Hey help me!!!" And he landed in front of me, I looked at him, it was a muscled man, with something like white purple hair, and a blue jacket and a sword on his back, and he said: ' Whats wrong? ' And I said: ' I was looking for some trainings partner, do you want to train me? And I have a friend to he likes to be trained to! ' And the boy says: ' Yeah sure, but first I have some work to do, but I can learn you two fly, if you want to! ' And I said: ' Yes for sure dude, because I need it much I will take the time to learn!! ' And then after a quick chat he flew away again, I maked an apointment, and I sprinted to Dirk's house, and after saiying hello to his parents I walked upstairs, and I said: ' hey dirk, you know who I walked into? It was Trunks! No I'm not kidding, he telled me the story about everything, he was here because there was a fierce power comming to earth! And guess what? He's going to learn us to fly! ' Dirk says: ' Wahhahahahaah! Yeah realy funny dude, your just kidding right? I mean, this is so stupid I should even don't believe it if I was of the Special Alien Force! Whahahahahaha. I mean, Trunks? He's from a comic, an anime!! ' ' Yeah but, but, why don't you just believe me? He is from an other dimension, from the Dragonball Dimension! He is in this side of the universe because of the problems whats gonna happen, ya know, the earth gonna be destroyed by an evil creature! Dirk: 'Well, I just have to wait and see huh?' 'Yeah thats right, I have an apointment tomorow, can you come then?' Well I think so, but if its true, I realy want to meet him.' 'Hey Dirk, your my best buddy, dude, you just have to believe me, because we are best mates, eheheh, wel see ya around then, bye.' 'Greetz' And I walked out the door and set off to my home. I walked a long time, and I came in a group of gangsters, and I walked around them, because I was to strong for them, and I don't wanna hurt someone. I was at home by ten. And I was at time for breakfast. Because it was morning. After eating, I walked outside, when I heard a Bang. Then I runned into the bang, and I saw a blue light of something that was comming straight to me, and I dodged it on time, after comming by, I saw a man standing in front of me, it was like i've seen him before. He was tall, and had black hair, and had some great muscles, I said: 'Hello' 'Hello, why dit you get in the energy beam? Its dangerous ya know!' 'Energy beam?' I said nervously. 'Yes, energy beam, I was training my energy. Well I have to go and get back on my training.' 'Hey wait!!' 'Why should I?' 'Are you from another dimension?' 'Well, if I have to be true yes I am, but, how do you know than?' ' Well I know it, because I saw Trunks in the morning.' 'Well, hes gonna train you right? I mean he is someone who likes to train and teach people.' ' Yes he does. But only flying lessons I think.'

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