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Julia's Dream guy

by ArkillianDragon

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This is another excerpt from my story "Dragon Twins". Bryan, a High Prince from a parrallel universe, who is in love with a girl from Earth gets in a conversation about her 'perfect guy', only she doesn't know his feelings for her. Poor Bryan :(

    Watching Julia’s eyes follow Alex as he left the room, Bryan smile faded off to a neutral expression. It was frustrating to see Julia put so much effort into winning Alex’s time when he’d give her everything she would ever want and more if it were possible. Turning back to the fire in disappointment, Bryan’s somber saffron eyes disappeared into the burning glow of the hearth.
    “What’s on your mind, grumpy?” Julia suddenly smiled, giving Bryan a light jab in his side. Switching his mind off the flames, Bryan’s attention brightened as he turned back to her.
    “Not much,” he laughed uneasily, avoiding her eyes so he could not see her face as he lied, “just thinking.”
    “I figured that. It’s what the mind does silly,” Julia giggled, shifting closer to him. “Anything you want to talk about?”
    “Well,” Bryan started, avoiding eye sight even more now she was closer, “I’m just curious. Are you attracted to Alex in some way?”
    “Oh, am I that obvious?” Julia laughed, covering her mouth in embarrassment, “how could I not? He’s any woman’s dream guy!”
    “Dream… guy?” Bryan questioned in wonder, “do females on Earth dream up men to life or something? How is this possible?”
    “Oh, you are so cute when you act all naïve, Bryan.” Julia giggled again, cuddling his upper arm, “it’s just a thing girls do. You know? Piece together a perfect guy from everything we like in a man. Then we spend all our lives trying to find him. Silly, huh?”
    “Well,” Bryan started again, trying to understand this concept, “what are the special criteria? Is it written in a book? Why have I never heard of this ‘dream guy’ in my whole entire life?” Julia’s eyes widened temporarily, before bursting into a fit of giggles.
    “It’s not written down anywhere, and I couldn’t tell you what does make a dream guy. It just… is!”
    “Well, am I a ‘dream guy’ then?” Bryan demanded, red cheeked in embarrassment. Julia stopped laughing for a moment, looking up into his slightly tanned face- his golden and brown streaked locks cascading down his handsome face. She smiled softly, resting her head on his shoulder. Bryan’s heart stopped for a moment as he waited for her words. Maybe she’d realize he was alive?
    “Lets put it this way Bryan,” she breathed, tucking some of his hair behind his ear, “the woman that claims your heart would have luck that is equivalent to owning everything they could ever want in the universe, and more, in just your eyes.”
    “Would she?” Bryan replied disappointedly, turning back to the fire. Looking deep into the flicker before him for a moment, Bryan closed his eyes,
    This I would give you my Sleeping Beauty- if ever you would open your eyes to me. Even though I’m just a fairytale to you…

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