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Pretending a Lie

by SaikonoYume

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Something I wrote for the guy I fancy myself in love with. Which is funny, because it's not my boyfriend. My boyfriend will be my ex as of Monday.

Have I told, lately,

that I loved you?

If I haven’t, I’ve

wanted to inside. See,

if I’ve said I didn’t

think I loved you, then,

my love, I must confess I lied.

I love it when you

touch me, though

it’s been only once or twice.

I love it when you

call to me,

I think it very nice.

I find myself wanting,

more and more each and every day

to kiss you, to love you.

In my heart you’ll always stay.

Would this confession

frighten you

if I spoke it aloud?

I know that I

would like it;

I’d love to hear its sound.

So, if I haven’t said

I love you, I’ve

wanted to inside.

And if I pretended

not to love you,

then, my love,

I’ve lied.

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