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Whose Line Is Anyway: DBZ Edition

by Animeiac

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Four of the Z-Warriors playine one of America's funniest tv game shows. With King Kai as the host.

Whose Line Is It Anyway: DBZ Edition


Mari (A.K.A Maric, Maricc, and Mar)

Disclaimer: DBZ is the (c) property of Akira Toriyama. Whose Line Is It Anyway is the (c) property of ABC, Warner Bro., Hat Trick Productions, and BBC. "Don't let the sun go down on me" is the (c) property of Elton John. The parodize version of that song is the (c) property of me. The Addams Family is the (c) property of Charles Addams. Carrie is the (c) property of Steven King. Riverdance is the (c) Michael Flattly. Sightings is the (c) property of Fox and the Sci-Fi Channel. Cats is the (c) property of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

A/N: Don't worry, I won't use segments from the 9-11 incident. I don't want to remind people of that event. I want to help them get on with their lives or anything that resembles their lives.


(...) whispers

[...] mumbles

{...} grumbles

~...~ thinking

Tribute to and inspired by fellow fanfic writer, Ash The Wanderer

Dedicated to my brother, Ben, who converted me into a DBZ fan. Thanks Bro.

*Music starts playing and audience cheers*

King Kai: *off screen* Good evening and welcome to the show. Now lets meet our contestants.

*Camera pans over to the Z-Warriors*

King Kai: *still off screen and camera shot to Goku* When's dinner Goku!

*Camera shot to Krillin*

King Kai: *o.s.* I may be small but I carry a big stick Krillin!

*Camera shot to Trunks*

King Kai: *o.s.* I'm from the future Trunks!

*Camera shot to Vegeta*

King Kai: *o.s* And quit looking at me Vegeta! *Makes an appearance* Hello! I'm King Kai and let's start the show! *Walks quickly downstairs and sits at his desk* Hi and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway: DBZ edition. The game show where everything is made up and the points don't matter. That's right the points don't matter like the monkey from Friends.

Audience: *laughs*

The Z-Warriors: *gave King Kai a weird look*

King Kai: You know how this show works. These guys try to think, or at least try to think, *indicating to Goku* things on top of their heads and I gave them points for it and the winner with the most points get to do a special something with me...

Audience: *wild cheer*

The Z-Warriors: *praying that they won't be the winners*

King Kai: While the rest gets to listen to my jokes. *Snickers* Now lets start off with our first game, Weird Newscasters and this is for all of you.

The Z-Warriors: *get up from their seats and take their place for the game*

King Kai: In this game, Krillin, you are the anchor and Vegeta is the co-anchor who is also your obnoxious older brother.

Krillin: *gets an impassive look on his face*

Vegeta: *his famous smirk* I think I'm going to like this game.

King Kai: Trunks, you are doing the sports in the style of Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone.

Trunks: *gets a neutral look on his face* Okay

King Kai: And Goku is the weather reporter who refuses to give up his dream to be on Broadway.

Goku: *wide-eyed* You got to be kidding me!

Crowd: *laughs*

King Kai: Alright let the game begin!

*News music plays*

Krillin: Good evening. I'm Link Sausage.

Vegeta: *flicking Krillin's ear*

Krillin: *trying to shoo Vegeta away* [Cut it out] In tonight's breaking news, a woman had filed a lawsuit against Mr. Satan for dangerously influencing her son. To tell you the follow up, here's my co-anchor and brother, Hickory Smoke Sausage.

Vegeta: *waving his fingers over Krillin and taunting him* I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you.

Audience and King Kai: *laughing*

Krillin: *getting really annoyed* This just in. According to my sources, there's going to be a death in a family. Now we turn to you to sports with our reporter, Braught Wurst.

Trunks: *as Rod Serling* Good evening. We have come into another intersection. An intersection that contains sights and sounds. Where reality and foul calls don't exist. This is known as the End Zone. *Hums the Twilight Zone opening them music*

Krillin: *Vegeta got hold of Krillin's wrist and starts hitting him with them* Thank you for that dramatic report, Braught. Now on to the weather with Cab Bosa. Cab?

Vegeta: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

Audience and King Kai: *laugh some more*

Goku: Thank you Link. Today weather is mostly cloudy but *singing* sunshine is going to clear up. So put on a happy face. *Back to normal* But down over the southwest region there are a few rain clouds. *Singing again* Singing in the rain. I'm singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling and I'm happy again. *Returning to normal state*

Audience and King Kai: *more laughs*

Vegeta: *has Krillin in a headlock and giving him a Noogie* Say Uncle! Say Uncle! Say Uncle!

Krillin: *trying to escape from Vegeta's grasp and is being severely torture* That's all we have for now. And for tonight’s endnote. MOM! VEGETA IS HUMILATING ME ON NATIONAL TV! See you all next time folks. Good night.

*Music plays and game ends*

King Kai: *finishing laughing* Okay. 1000 points for everyone. 50 extra points for Vegeta because he seemed to enjoyed himself.

Vegeta: *smirk* In deed I have.

Krillin: *rubbing his head* Well he's got to be somebody brother. Next time, Vegeta, put on some deodorant.

King Kai: Our next game is one of my favorites. Scene from a hat. *Takes out the hat* Before the show, we asked the audience to write down certain scene and skits and take the good ones and put them in this hat. *Pulls out the first scene* Our first scene is, "What do you say when you see aliens".

Vegeta: Okay where's the money that you owed me.


Goku: Do you come in peace?


Trunks: Did you used to work with my dad?


Krillin: I think I hear your mothership calling you.


King Kai: *pulling another scene* "What's inside Goku's head"

Vegeta: *looking through Goku's ear* This_space_for_rent.


Trunks: *looking through Goku's ear* Hi King Kai.


Krillin: *looking through Goku's ear* Roast beef, mash potatoes, fried chicken, rice meals, desserts...


King Kai: *pulls out another scene* "What's inside Vegeta's head"

Trunks: *looking through Vegeta's ear. A shocked look on his face* Mom!!??


King Kai: *taking out another scene* "What they should have support groups for"

Goku: Is this the Save the World Anonymous?


Krillin: Hello and welcome to Short but wirey club.


Vegeta: Is this the Repressors Anonymous?


Trunks: Hello my name is Trunks and I'm a child of over sexed parents! *Cries and runs off screen*

*Buzz buzz buzz*

*Game ends*

King Kai: 50 points for Trunks for that dramatic exit.

Audience: *laugh*

Vegeta: He gets it from his mother.

Trunks: This is why I'm in therapy.

Audience: *laugh*

King Kai: We need to go to commercial break but we'll be right back for more Whose Line Is It Anyway: DBZ Edition! *Tosses the hat off screen*

Audience: *cheers*

(Commercial Break)

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King Kai: Hello and welcome back to Whose Line Is It Anyway: DBZ Edition and our next game is Song Style. This one is for Goku and Trunks.

Goku and Trunks: *get up from their seats and took their place*

King Kai: Now we need someone from the audience. *Goes to the audience and found a suitable volunteer* Hello sir and what is your name?

Random Audience Member: Ban.

King Kai: And what do you for a living?

Ban: I'm a systems administrator.

King Kai: Well welcome aboard, Ban and please join us for this skit. *Brings Ban to the stage and introduce them to Goku and Trunks and returns to his desk*

*Ban sits on a stool between Goku and Trunks*

King Kai: This is Ban and he's a systems administrator and Goku and Trunks will sing to him in the styles of Elton John and George Michael.

Audience: *laughs and cheers*

Goku, Trunks, and Ban: *wide-eyed and sweatdropped*

King Kai: With the help of Bulma and Chichi of course.

Bulma and Chichi: *waves*

King Kai: Now let the music begin.

Bulma and Chichi: *plays the opening for "Don't the sun go down on me"*

Trunks: *as George Michael* I can't light no more of this dark screen. All my pictures I've downloaded seemed to fade away. I'm growing tired of my browser standing still before me. My monitor has frozen at the of the ladder of my life.

Ban: ~I can't believe my sister is making me do this~

Trunks: *still singing* It's much too late to save my files from falling. I took a chance and change your program. But you misread my modem setup when I met you. Shut down my computer and left me offline by the light.

Vegeta: ~My son is going to be scared for life for this~

Goku and Trunks: *singing in duet* Don't let my computer crash down on me.

Trunks: *singing* Although I search my browser, it's always someone else's PC.

Goku: *as Elton John* I just allow a fragment of your website to wonder free.

Trunks: *singing* I'm loosing everything...

Goku and Trunks: *singing*...Because my computer crash down on me.

Trunks: *speaking* Ladies and gentleman, Son Goku!

Audience *cheers*

Goku: *as Elton John* I can't find oh, a way to get back online. But see my pen name once and see the way I feel. Don't disconnect me (baby, no) just because you think I mean harm on your hard drive. But these cut offs I have, oh, they need to log on to help them heal.

Goku and Trunks: *singing* Don't let my computer crash down on me.

Trunks: *singing* Although I search my browser, it's always someone else's PC.

Goku: *singing* I just allow a fragment of your website to wonder free.

Trunks: *singing* I'm loosing everything...

Goku and Trunks: *singing* ...Because my computer crash down on me.

Vegeta: *praying* (Dear father, please forgive my son for he is a victim of all this)

Goku and Trunks: *singing* Don't let me computer crash down on me.

Trunks: *singing* Although I search my browser, it's always someone else PC.

Goku: *singing* I just allow a fragment of your website to wonder free.

Trunks: *singing* I'm loosing everything...

Goku and Trunks: *singing* ...Because my computer crash down on me.

Audience: *cheers*

*Song ends and Ban, Goku, and Trunks return to their seats*

King Kai: a thousand points for Ban for being a good sport about all this.

Ban: *giving the victory sign*

Vegeta: *giving King Kai a dirty look* We are sending you all of Trunks therapy bills.

King Kai: Try to find my address. *Snicker*

Goku: Easy, Vegeta, I know where he lives. *Smirk*

King Kai: Okay, moving right along is our next game, Movie, TV, and Theater styles. This is for all four of you.

Z-Warriors: *got up from their seats and took their places*

King Kai: Now what we need are names or genres of movies, TV, and theaters.

R.A.Ms: The Addams Family, Carrie, Riverdance, a 1930's gangster movie, Sightings, and Cats.

King Kai: *written down the suggestions* Now, in this scene, High school student, Trunks, is going to be expelled by Principal Krillin and Vice Principal Goku for causing massive destruction and major disturbance at school and Vegeta is the father who is trying to convince them to let him stay.

Trunks: I feel like I'm living my dad's teen years.

Vegeta: Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now.

King Kai: Okay now let this game begin.

Vegeta: What did my son do this time?

Krillin: Mr. Vegeta. Your son, Trunks, has been charged with disturbing the class, destruction of school property, vandalism, defacing school grounds, disrespecting his teachers, corrupting the students, and running illegal operations in the cafeteria.

Trunks: What do you expect. I'm bored.

Goku: Mr. Vegeta, do you have anything to say about this?

King Kai: *buzzes in* The Addams Family.

Vegeta: *as Gomez Addams* Excellent my son. Well done.

Trunks: *as Pugsly Addams* Thank you father. Now watch what I can do with these atomic bombs.

Krillin: *as Fester Addams* Boy! I betcha they are going to burn!

Goku: *as Lurch* ugh.

King Kai: *buzzes in* 1930's gangster movie.

Trunks: Thought you mugs will get rid of me that easily?

Vegeta: You got nuthin' you hear! Nuthin'!

Goku: I got da cement shoes ready, Boss.

Krillin: Tell us wat you know or else da kid sleeps with da fishes.

King Kai: *buzzes in* Carrie.

Goku and Krillin: Plug it up! Plug it up! Plug it up!

Vegeta: They're going to laugh at you! They are going to laugh at you!

Trunks: You should've told me papa! You should've told me!

King Kai: *buzzes in* Riverdance.

The Z-Warriors: *dance like the Ginyu force*

King Kai: *buzzes in* Sightings

Goku: We now talk to the witness of this phenomenon.

Krillin: As I look up, I saw this kid blasting flashes of light from his hands.

Vegeta and Trunks: *acting like two aliens*

King Kai: *buzzes in* Cats.

Goku: *prances around like a cat* A good cat is a well behave cat.

Krillin: *runs like a cat* But a bad cat is a trouble maker cat.

Trunks: *does a cat strut* I'm the coolest cat in school. *Licks the back of his hand and brushes his bangs*

Vegeta: *stalks like a cat* A cat in need is a cat in heat.

*Three buzzes and the Z-Warriors went back to their seats*

King Kai: 1000 points for everyone. 500 points for both Vegeta and Trunks for their Addams Family performance.

Vegeta: It's one of my favorite shows.

Trunks: Sightings in case he sees someone he knows.

Audience: *laughs*

King Kai: We're going into commercial break but we'll be back for more Whose Line Is It Anyway: DBZ Editions.

Audience: *cheers*

(Commercial Break)

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(Commercial Break ends)

Audience: *cheers and applauses*

King Kai: *with three of the Z-Warriors* Hello and welcome back to Whose Line Is It Anyway: DBZ Edition and our tonight's winner is Vegeta!

Audience: *cheers*

*Camera pans to Vegeta sitting at King Kai's desk*

King Kai: We now finally come up to my most favorite game of all. Hoe-down! With Bulma on piano.

Audience: *applause and cheers*

King Kai: Now we need an enjoyable past time we use to like to do as a kid.

R.A.Ms: Playing practical jokes.

King Kai: Okay our tonight's hoe-down topic is playing practical jokes. Start the music, Bulma.

*Bulma plays the hoe-down music*

Goku: *singing* Oh when I was little kid, practical jokes is all I played. They are usually just for fun but what a price to pay. And of course there are innocent lives to save. Especially if my practical jokes involve the Kahmehamea Wave.

Audience: *laugh and cheers*

Krillin: *singing* I don't like practical jokes. They are such a pain. The constant ridicule always drives me insane. And the cruelest practical jokes that always make me complain are the ones that are played by The Prince of all Saiyans. *Points at Vegeta*

Vegeta: *bows to the audience and the camera*

Audience: *laughs and cheers*

King Kai: *singing* Practical jokes are always fun. I do them all the time. They give me such joy that they keep me in my prime. With practical jokes I get to just about everything. And that is because that I am the king.

Audience: *laughs*

Trunks: *singing* Oh I try everything just to be with my dad. I even go so far just being bad. But that proves to be a big mistake. Because thanks to my practical joke *double thumb points at himself* I Am Now Wanted In All 50 States!

3 Z-Warriors and King Kai: *singing* Wanted in all 50 states.

Audience: *cheers and laughs*

King Kai: Well that's it for now. Be sure to join us next time on Whose Line Is It Anyway: DBZ Edition. Good night Everybody!

*Camera pulls back*

*Fade to black*

The End.

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