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Among Family Now

by Animeiac

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A long lost relative of Vegeta has crashed down to Earth.

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Chapter 1, Chp.01: A surprise visit

Among Family Now


By Mari (a.k.a. Maric, Maricc, and Mar)


Co-authored by Dark Jade (And yes she is a female and a fighter)

Disclaimer: All DBZ-GT characters are the (c) property of Akira

Toriyama. Regina is the (c) property of me.

A/N: This was set two years after the Buu Saga. This is also an A/U fic. Meaning that Goku did not leave to train Uub, Nor did he turned into a kid. Androids 17 and 18 are not related. Android 16 is still alive, and Piccolo and Dende are %100 male. And if any of you have a problem with that, tough. This is my story and I'm not changing a thing just to please you! And I want to thank my new co-author, Dark Jade who is now helping me with this story

Chp.01: A surprise visit

It was very late at night in West Capital City and peaceful and calm, as the residents were sound asleep. That is until a small

circular object fell from the sky. The object looked like a Saiyan space pod and was plummeting at an extreme rate. It crashed down into the mountains close to the city. It woke up the entire city and everyone ran outside to see what just happened.

"What was that?!" Asked a local resident.

"Don't have a clue." Answered another one. Pretty soon everyone was questioning each other what that noise was all about.

Moments later, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and the rest of the Z warriors were flying towards the mountains where the pod had crashed.

"Did all you guys feel that?" Krillin asked as he flying with Goku and Gohan.

"Sure did, Krillin." Goku replied.


"We all felt it before it crashed around the mountain area." Gohan added.


"But the real question is, who or what is it?" Piccolo question with his usual stern face.


"I'm not sure really." Yamcha confessed. "I've never felt a power level like that before."


Just then, the heroes felt another power level. One that was all too familiar.


"Hey, I just felt Vegeta's power level!" Gohan announced.

"Vegeta?! Why would he be around here?" Yamcha asked.


"I'm not sure, but it's awfully close; he's right ahead of us." Gohan answered.


"Well if he's already there then we gotta get a move on before there's trouble." Piccolo suggested.


"Right!" The others agreed and started to speed up.


Meanwhile not so very far ahead, a lone figure stood at the edge of the crash site. It was Vegeta and he looked a bit shocked at the site before him.

"No way! Can it be? After all these years?" Vegeta questioned himself. Then he sensed the rest of the warriors coming up from behind him. "Damn it!" Vegeta cursed with a low growl. "Well it looks like I don't have choice."


A few minutes later, the rest of the fighters arrived where Vegeta was.

"Vegeta, what do you think you're doing here?" Yamcha asked suspiciously.

"The same thing that you're doing, fool." Vegeta replied sarcastically.

"Come on you guys we don't have time for this." Goku tried to reason with them before a fight broke out.

"I think Vegeta might know something about what is going here." Piccolo assumed.

"For once you are correct, Namek." Vegeta responded with his usual smirk. "Guess you felt a certain power level that none

of can recognize, right?" He questioned their methods.

"Yeah, but how did you know?" Yamcha inquired.

"Because, you third rate warrior, I know this power level." Vegeta told him. "But it was one I haven't felt for years." He told

himself then turned to the others. "Well we are already wasting precious time just standing here. Let's go down and see who or what it

is." Vegeta directed and went down to the crater.

Seconds later, the rest of the fighters joined up with him. He led them to the crater's center. Everyone, except Vegeta, gasped at what they saw. It was a Saiyan spacepod with an unusual symbol on the front door. It looked like Vegeta's Royal Saiyan Family symbol except it had two prongs instead of three and the spiked circle completely surrounded it.

"Whoa! Is that a Saiyan spacepod?" Goku asked in his usual clueless manner.

"Of course it is you third-class dolt!" Vegeta answered in an annoyed tone.

Vegeta walked up to the pod and pulled at the door with all his might. He wrenched the door from the pod and pulled out its passenger.

The other Z-Warriors were in complete shock to see what Vegeta had just brought out. It was woman, but not just any woman, an unconscious female Saiyan. She looked just about Vegeta's age. Despite the cuts and bruises, she was rather attractive. Her black raven hair was puffed and wavy on the front and clean cut in the back. Her beauty was completed with cream colored skin and small pouting lips.


She was wearing what used to be green battle armor but now is nothing but tattered rags.

"Whoa! Vegeta, who is that?" Krillin asked, pointing at the woman.

"Can't explain now!" Vegeta responded hastily. "She needs medical help and fast!" With that, Vegeta took off flying with the

mystery lady in his arms.

The other fighters immediately followed him. "Man, I've never seen Vegeta that concern about anyone before. Well except maybe for Bulma and Trunks," said Gohan.

"Yeah, but who is she and why is Vegeta so worried about her?" Goku asked.

"Maybe she's his old girlfriend." Krillin respond with a smug grin.

"Man, if she is, Bulma is going to have a fit if she finds out!" Added Yamcha with a chuckle.

"Shut up you Bakas!" Vegeta barked. "She's is not my girlfriend! I seriously draw the line on inbreeding!"

All of them gave him a clueless look.

"I am related to this woman!" He explained, annoyed.

"Oh." The others responded simutaintisly. They decided to save the questions for later.

Meanwhile at Capsule Corps., Bulma was waiting patently in the living room for her husband to return from where ever he had gone.

"Where is he?" She asked herself. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.

"Finally, thank goodness." Bulma said with relief as she got up from the couch. When she opened the door, she was completely stunned by the sight of Vegeta holding a limp woman.


Bulma was about to start yelling at Vegeta when he cut her off. "Bulma, before you start accusing me, I'm just want to let you know that this is not what you think it is!" Vegeta confirmed.

"Oh really, and what do you think it might be?" Bulma rebutled.

"Easy, Bulma." Goku stepped in. "Vegeta said that this woman he is holding is a relative of his."

"Ah...a relative?" Bulma repeated, regaining her composure. Then she noticed that the woman had a tail. "Is she a Saiyan?" Bulma asked.

"That is the truth." Vegeta proclaimed. "And if we don't hurry, she may never make it!"

"Well, okay then." Bulma accept his explanation. "Let's bring her to the medical lab."

All the Z-fighters followed Bulma to the lab. When they got there, Vegeta had already opened one of the healing pods.

Fortunately, he remembered the plans so that Bulma could make them in case they were needed. Vegeta and Bulma placed the injured female Saiyan into the pod. After they finished, Bulma closed the pod door and Vegeta started the healing process. Seconds later, the green liquid filled the pod chamber.

"She will be okay in a few days." Vegeta predicted as he looked at the woman in the pod with concern.


"Okay, now that's all settled, will you now please tell us who she is?" Krillin asked Vegeta. Vegeta had no other choice but to tell them.

"She's my cousin." Vegeta answered honestly.

Everyone else went into shock when he told them that.

"No way! She's your cousin?" Goku repeated Vegeta's answer.

"Of course she is you dolt!" Vegeta snapped.

"But how is that possible?" Krillin asked. "I thought all the Saiyans were destroyed."

"Yeah, if she's your cousin, then how did she survived the explosion?" Yamcha added.

"Because she doesn't live on that planet Vegeta." Vegeta confessed.

The rest were still confused.

"Uh, care to run by that us again?" Tien requested.

"Fine, if it gets through your heads." Vegeta offered. "Long ago there were two planet Vegetas." He started to explain. "One was West Vegeta where my father used to rule. And the other is East Vegeta where my cousin lived and her mother, my father's sister, ruled."


"Now hold on Vegeta, if they were two Planet Vegetas, then why didn't you escape to the second one when Freiza abducted you?" Yamcha cut in.

"Because, you sorry excuse for a fighter, for one thing, Freiza would have surely followed me there and tried to destroy it as well." Vegeta enlightened them. "I just couldn't risk that. Second, my father and I were banned from East Vegeta."

Everyone gasped when Vegeta told them that.

"Banned?" Krillin said. "What did you do?"

"It wasn't my fault!" Vegeta reassured everyone. "My cousin and I were at that phase when we were curious what made boys and girls different!"

"You don't mean?" Goku started.

"Yes, we played the old 'You show me your and I'll show you mine' game." Vegeta finished with a sigh.


Everyone else just fell over. Bulma was the first to recover.

"Okay, it's late and I think that we should all get some rest." Bulma suggested.

"Fine then." Vegeta agreed. "We can discuss this more when she recovers."

"Okay, Gohan and I might as well go home," said Goku.

"Mom gets worried when we are out this late." Gohan added as he and Goku start to leave.

"Yeah, I gotta get back home too." Krillin added. "18 gets suspicious during this time of night and I don't know how will I be

able to explain this to her."

"Let us know how she is doing." Tien requested.

"Yeah, see ya guys tomorrow." Said Chatzou.

"Okay we will, good night guys." Bulma said their good-byes.

Piccolo was still standing in front of the pod gazing at the female Saiyan. "Who are you?" He thought. "Where did you come from? How can someone as beautiful as you..." Then Piccolo realize what he just thought. "Whoa! Were did that come from? What the hell was I thinking? She's a Saiyan and Vegeta's cousin!" Then he looked at the pod again. "But then again, I can't help feeling sorry for her. All those cuts and bruises, she must have had a tough journey."

The way the female Saiyan simply stayed suspended in the healing pod as she floated in air hypnotized the Namek.

"Enjoying the view, Namek?" Asked a familiar growling gruff voice that snapped Piccolo back to reality. He turned around and saw Vegeta standing behind him.

"What is it now Vegeta?" Piccolo asked annoyed by Vegeta's presence.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you while you were too busy gawking at my cousin!" Vegeta returned with scowl.

"I wasn't gawking!" Piccolo defended himself. "I was just making sure that she'll be okay!"

"Sure you were and Kakkorot is a genius!" Vegeta snide. "Look, Namek, I suggest you better leave and let her rest. All this tension is upsetting her!"

"Fine then!" Piccolo growled and left in a huff with Vegeta following close behind. "I wish Vegeta would mind his own business." Piccolo thought to himself.


"That Namek have better been not thinking any ideas about **my cousin**." Vegeta thought to himself as well. When the two left the room, the female Saiyan was still in deep slumber. But her consciousness was slowly starting to return.

"Who was that beautiful green man?" She asked herself in thought. It was almost as if she was smiling beneath her breathing


It looks like the Z-fighters might have a new recruit. But who is this mysterious female Saiyan and what is her reason for coming to Earth? And if she is Vegeta's cousin, does this means that she is just like him? Find out next time on Dragonball Z.

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