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A Blinx Story

by aftermathgirl

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If you know who Blinx is, then this is a little story i thought of doing about him, its just more or less about what he does and how he feels about his whole life, and all the fun stuff he gets to do in it:) Enjoy!

And once again...i fell asleep...

It was a tough day for me, it always is being a Time Sweeper is rough, but some how i manage to get through life so easily. My life routin; waking up, vacuming up trash to kill monsters that live around me,(other wise, there is no way for me to stay alive) collect money to buy me some stuff, run around just destroying things that seem to bother me...and thats about it, and then i sleep..

But i like this life, its full of action and fun and...lonliness.

Until one day...

I woke up in the middle of the night, i couldnt seem to get to sleep. There was too much noise around me; i hate those monsters, i said to myself. I stood up from the dark alley i was sleeping in and started to walk. Cautiously i picked up my sweeper and sucked up a trash can next to me. Walking over to the noise i saw chrono blob bouncing up and down, doing nothing but making noise and being stupid. Quickly i ran over to it and shot the trash can at it, at that moment i saw it fall to death, time crystals popped out of it. I never really got how they somehow always ended up in these monsters. Sighing and half asleep i walked some more, around the town, where everything was my mission, the mission that Ceo and Chairman gave me...they trained me for this, to be a Time Sweeper. I was tired of it, being alone, talking to no one but me, Ceo and Chairman.

I sat on the curb of an abandon house. I laid there tired and exausted, until i fell asleep. Tomorrow, a new day, a new day to complete my mission, or so i say.

Early morning, i found myself in a bed, in a white room very comforting, and more Time Sweepers around me!..

"What's this?!" I jumped.

"Are you Blinx?" One of the Sweepers asked.

"Um..yes, why?"

They all smiled a big grin at me and looked at each other.

"Lets go defeat the Tom-Tom Gang!" They all yelled as one of them handed me some new clothes.

Tom-Tom Gang? I thought to myself for a second, but nothing came to my mind.

I thought to myself for a second, but nothing came to my mind.

I looked down at the new clothes they handed to me, but i have clothes allready. But not to be rude, i put them on.

As i walked out of the room I saw the rest of the Time Sweepers wearing the same clothes as I.

"Is this a joke?!" I furiously asked them.

"No, what makes you say that?"

A cat about my size stepped out of the group. His fur was black and white, and looked like he had alot of experience in Time Sweeping.

"My name is Opac, and we are a group of Time Sweepers on a mission to defeat the Tom-Tom Gang."

He stared at me to see my answer.

"So..youre a Time Sweeper, you all are?"

Opac smiled at me and said, "We are very glad to have you on our part Blinx, we know you are worthy for this mission."

They all signaled me to follow them outside.

As we walked out Opac, with a grin said,"Lets do this Blinx!"

Giving him a confindent smile i gratefully responded, "Anything to get those monsters out of my way."

I was actually trusting these unknown Time Sweepers, I didnt feel lonley anymore, but anxious to see what awaits me, and what kind of experience i will have with this.

We walked off to the lost town and dissapeared.

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