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A/U: The twins are now 17 and the Circus's latest stop is Chikyuu.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 01: Next stop, Chikyuu


By Mari

Co-authored by Nikoru  

Disclaimer: DBZ is the Ó property of Akira Toriyama. Salada, Johnathan, Matilda, Malefaco, Louis, Oslow, Sassy, Shogo, The Talentini Bros. Elsa, and Penelope are the Ó properties of Nikoru and me.

 Chapter 01: Next stop, Chikyuu  

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Vegeta and Salada! Happy birthday to you!" 

The twins took deep breaths and blew out their candles. Each had seventeen candles on their gigantic chocolate cake that covered the table and was as thick as their forearms. 

Matilda strolled over to the door and flipped on the light switch as Louis, Oswald, Uncle Malefaco, and the twin’s father clapped. 

Salada smiled eagerly at the best present of all that lay spread out before her. "Can we eat yet? Please….?" 

Vegeta chuckled and patted his sister on the back. "At least you’ve gotten better at controlling your cravings, sis. I remember the first time we had our birthday here, you dove right into the cake before the candles were even blown out." 

Oslow joined in. "Yeah, your face was all covered in chocolate. You looked like this." Oslow ran a hand over the chocolate icing and spread it all over his face while sticking his tongue out. 

The boys laughed loudly, Johnathan falling on the floor. Salada crossed her arms and turned around in her chair. "You’re the one who looks like a pig now, Oslow." She pointed at his messy face. 

"Now stop it, all of you," scolded their mother as she cut the cake. "Act you’re age already. You’re young adults for Kami’s sake." Matilda handed two plates with the chocolate slabs on them. "Here you go, Vegeta, Salada. Happy seventeenth birthday." She placed a kiss on each one’s forehead. 

Salada giggled. "Thank you, Ka-san." She smiled as she took up her fork and proceeded to scarf down her cake. 

Vegeta whipped off the lipstick mark on his brow and took the cake with his other hand. "Do you haft do that every year?" he whined. 

"Yes, I do, Vegeta. I don’t know what you’re so worried about. It’s not like there are any girls around here for me to embarrass you in front of." 

Salada had already finished her cake as Vegeta took his first bite. "Vegeta’s too short for any girls to like." 

"Hey! You’re short too! We’re twins after all," countered Vegeta, mouth full of cake. 

Salada lifted her finger and pointed it towards the cake. "Well, I’m a girl. It’s okay for girls to be short; it makes me cuter!" She sliced another piece a cake for herself with a silver beam from her finger. "Besides, I’m sexier anywase." She raised her finger and brought it towards her mouth. The cake followed. 

"That’s a great trick you learned, Salada," complemented Louis with a sigh and slightly blushed face. "You’ve got to be the most talented girl in the entire circus." 

Oslow elbowed his brother. "Heh, stop flirting with the Princess," he whispered under his breath. 

Salada brought her head up from eating. "Did you say something, Oslow?" 

"Ha! No, no. He was just saying something mean to me. Nothing anyone here needs to hear about." His face turned a brighter red. Vegeta smirked. He had heard exactly what Oslow said and had heard about Louis’s crush on Salada around the circus. Of all the guys that liked her, Louis was the best. Of course, that didn’t mean he was suitable; it just meant that he didn’t make Vegeta sick to his stomach. 

"So, Johnathan, where’s our next show going to be at?" questioned Matilda. "I hear that where we’re going is a very rich planet. That’s the word around the ship." 

"Chikyuu. It’s a fairly sized planet that’s covered by water for the majority, but the populace lives on the surface only. No gills like us." Johnathan tapped behind his ears. 

"It must be awfully overcrowded there," commented Malefaco. "Are you positive that there aren’t any sea dwellers?" 

"There are," chimed Salada. "They’re not cognitive thinkers like us or like the planet’s humans. The humans aren’t that great either. They can’t swim, can’t fly, nothing. They’re just like you and I, only really boring. They’re supposed to be really smart though. Hence why their race has survived so long and over-populated the planet." 

"I bet they’re not as smart as you. They probably don’t know half of what you do," said Louis. 

Salada blushed and held a hand to her face. "Why thank you, Louis. You don’t need to complement me so much just because it’s my birthday." 

Oslow chuckled. "He’s not just saying it, Salada." 

The princess shrugged and continued eating her cake. 

"When will be arriving, Otto-san?" 

Johnathan whipped the frosting from his mouth. "Tomorrow afternoon, hopefully. We’re going to have to scan the planet’s surface for an appropriate landing spot. That will probably take the longest time because of the planet’s high population density." 

"But won’t the new equipment we just got help with that problem, dear?" 

"Oh, yeah!" Johnathan laughed. "I almost forgot about that. I’m still not used to having all these new things." 

"What do you mean you’re not used to it, bro? It’s been over ten years since we’ve been earning more than enough to support life in this vessel, and I got used to it the moment we got our first shipment of new equipment." 

"It is quite a treat. But we wouldn’t have any of it unless you two came around." 

"We eat the profits we bring in!" laughed Vegeta. "We’re just working off the debt we owe to you and the rest of the circus for taking us in." 

"And you’ve protected us all these years," continued Salada. 

"Not to mention dealing with our sparring and bickering." 

"What do you think parents are supposed to do, silly?" commented their mother. "We love you all so much. You don’t owe us anything." She looked at the remaining quarter of the cake. "Finished?" 

The twins eyed the cake. "Oh, my Kami-sama! Did I eat that much?" 

"No, I ate at least half of that cake, sis." 

"I’m gonna be fat!!" wailed Salada. "I’ll never have a boyfriend!!" 

Vegeta pressed his hands over his ears. "You’re not fat, and you’re not going to be fat!" 

"You’re just saying that cause you’re my brother." 

"I am not. Louis, Oswald, tell Salada that she’s not fat." 

"You’re not fat, Salada." Oslow patted his belly. "I, on the other hand, am." 

"Oh, baby. You’re not fat. Who told you that?" 

"No one did, ma. Don’t get all worked up about it, I’m not." 

"So I’m not fat?" pleaded Salada with watery eyes. 

"Of course not, sweetie. You’re the prettiest girl in the entire circus. I always hear all the boys talking about you." 

"Well if that’s true then why don’t I have a boyfriend?" 

"That’s a no brainer!" blurted Oslow. 

Vegeta gave him a stern look before he could continue. If Salada ever found out that he had threatened all the guys, she would never forgive him. Plus, there was the fact that she could beat him into a bloody pulp in ten seconds flat. She was, indeed, a Saiyan; and female Saiyans were scarier than regular women when they are in a bad mood. Vegeta felt it would be in his, and everyone else’s, best interest to prevent evoking rage in his sister. 

"Oh, they’re just shy, sweetie. It’s noting to worry about. You’ll find your true love one day." 


Matilda smiled down upon her only daughter. "Really." 

"Well, since we are finished with cake, let’s say we move down to the presents," Johnathan suggested. 

"Yeah!" Vegeta and Salada cheered. Even though they had just turned seventeen, they would still act as the little kids that Johnathan and Malefaco found all those years ago, and no body would ever want to change that in any way. 

Everyone moved to the living room of the ship, and Malefaco started handing the presents to the twins. "Here’s one for Vegeta and one for Salada from me," Malefaco announced as he gave the twins their presents.

Vegeta held the gift above his head and shook it slightly. "Hmmm, I wonder what it is."

"If you stop shaking it then we can find out," teased Salada. "I want to see what I got too." Her eyes glistened as she carefully removed the red ribbon.

Vegeta was tearing the wrapping paper apart like an animal and was about to rip the box to shreds while Salada was folding the paper on her package into orderly squares and gingerly placing them besides her.

"Saladaaaaa," whined Vegeta. "Hurry up. I thought you wanted to see what we got."

"I do, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make a mess of things." The boxes were now bare and ready to reveal the gifts inside. The two simultaneously opened the brown packages.

"More kurogane powder for our weights!" screamed Vegeta in delight.

"Thank you so much, Uncle!" Salada hugged Malefaco. "We’ve been needing more weight lately, but I don’t know if we can fit any more into our arm and leg packets."

Matilda smirked, but the twins didn’t notice. "Here, open my gift for you two." Matilda’s gift came in a larger box and the two quickly went to work on it.

"Vests?" queried Vegeta. He took the black, pocketed vest out of the box and slides it on over his arms.

"If you don’t mind my asking, Ka-san, what are all the packets for?"

"They’re for your weight powder, sweetie. I made them out of the most durable material I cold find. If two are going to be sparring it has to be heavy duty." She smiled and remembered the time that she thought she could melt her husband’s weights down into sparring equipment. Johnathan had laughed when he heard about it. The weights would melt, but they would not be comfortable to wear. The kurogane powder, made out of the densest mineral in the universe, was their first present.

"Your last gift comes from me and your brothers. They were a bit expensive, so we all three chipped in together." Johnathan nodded and his two sons left the room. The twins looked dumbfounded. What could have been so expensive? And why did they have to go get it?

The brothers returned, each with a hanger draped with a suit cover.

Salada’s eyes lit up the entire room and her aura glowed. "Don’t tell me you-Oh my God-Did you-"

Johnathan waved his hand towards the boys. "I don’t know. Why don’t you two go check and tell me?" He smiled as Salada shot up and ran over to Louis. "One is for you too, Vegeta. Go see." Vegeta had a feeling about what it would be, but he didn’t want to over react about it. After all, it was just-

"A brand new sekkeisha outfit!" wailed Salada after the cover dropped to the floor. "Oh my God, oh my God…"

"Sweet," smirked Vegeta as he took the outfit into his own hands. "Is this leather?" He sniffed the pants.

"The finest," bragged Oslow. "Same with Salada’s skirt."

"Oh my God, these are sooo expensive. It’s soo beautiful! Thank you so much!" She wrapped her arms around Louis and kissed him on the cheek. His face quickly turned a bright red.

"Th-th-the shirts are made of silk, real silk," stuttered Louis.

"This is the exact one I wanted! Just like in the catalog!" Salada inspected the outfit. The skirt was made of black leather with silver jewels that hung on each end at the bottom and would sit on her hips in a sexy manner. The shirt was two pieced. The bottom part was a crimson red silk tube top with strings that started in the back and draped down to the front. The top was a sheer black jacket that would cover her arms, but reveal her finely sculpted abs.

"Well, uh, what’s her name, uh." Louis was still startled by the sudden kiss. "Uh, Sassy! Yeah, Sassy showed me that you wanted that one so we all worked hard to get it for you."

"That doesn’t explain how you picked out mine." Vegeta was imagining himself in the outfit. Oh, yeah. I could definitely pick up some chicks with this, he thought to himself.

"We flipped through the catalog and picked out something we though you would like," noted Oslow. "Ma wanted the things to match, so we picked out black leather pants with buckles and a sleeveless red shirt for you."

"I like it a lot, thank you very much."

"Uh, huh!" beamed Salada. "I can’t wait to wear it!"

"Wait a minute. When or where could we wear these things? I mean, it’s obvious you’re not going to let her do our act in that skimpy outfit."

"Yours is pretty revealing too, Veggie. So I wouldn’t talk." Salada stuck out her tongue.

"Well, when we get to Chikyuu we’re going to have to ask for permission to perform in one of the cities," explained Malefaco. "We don’t expect you to come with us, so we thought that you two would enjoy a night on the town, so to say."

"You’re going to trust us," Vegeta pointed to Salada and himself, "two teenagers, lose in a city?" His raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

The adults laughed. "Oh, goodness no, dear. Oslow and Louis are going to go with you, incase you get into any trouble or need any help. You’ve never been to Chikyuu before, and you’re brothers are older than you and will be able to keep an eye out."

"They’re not that much older," muttered Vegeta. "You can trust us, we’re Saiyans! We can take care of ourselves."

"That’s exactly why we are sending them with you. Vegeta," Johnathan gave a stern look, "we know that you love your sister very much, but you can’t just beat up someone for looking at her. You need to control your temper."

Vegeta growled. "But I barely even hit the guy!"

"That’s not it, Vegeta. We just don’t want any fights while we’re down there. If your brothers are with you I feel that you’ll be much better off. Just as a fail safe, okay?"

Vegeta let his guard down and sighed. "Okay, but if anyone so much as touches her-"

"You’ll let me take care of it myself," stated Salada. "I’m just as strong as you, Vegeta. I don’t need my brother dealing with slobs for me."

"And you are to stay out of places where creatures like that reside. I don’t want my babies getting hurt," said Matilda with a worried look. Just then the room filled with a red light and loud beeping noise.

"Ah, we must be coming close to Chikyuu," noted Oslow.

"Yup." Malefaco lifted himself out of the chair. "Better get down to the control room. C’mon, Johnathan." He motioned with his hand towards his brother and then to the door. Johnathan followed.

"Happy birthday you two. I’ll be back after we get everything situated in the control room." Both Johnathan and Malefaco left the living room.

"So how do you think the people of Chikyuu will act when they see us?" Louis asked curiously.

"Probably the same way as the inhabitants of other planets when they see us. Weirded out and confused," Oslow answered with a laugh.

"So do you think that we are ready for Chikyuu?" asked Elsa as she appeared in the doorway.

"The real question is if Chikyuu ready for them," Sassy responded as indicated Vegeta and Salada. Everyone had a good laugh.

"Okay who wants to play some games?" Matilda moved the party along.

Those in the room squealed, "I do!" in unison.

"And since this is Vegeta and Salada’s birthday I say we let them pick the game," Matilda suggested.

Vegeta and Salada thought about what kind of game to play that everyone would like; or one where nobody would get hurt. Then they had an idea. "How about Double Donut Dunk?" Vegeta and Salada suggested.

They told everyone about the game that they used to play when they were three or four back on Planet Vegeta with delight. Everyone else in the circus was surprised that the twins had a game that did not involve fighting. Matilda had already gone off to get the supplies for the game.

"It never ceases to amaze me how much those two can eat," Matilda thought as she went off.

The game involved buckets of melted milk chocolate and lots of donuts. Everyone would break into groups of two to play. The object of the game was to try to dunk as many donuts as possible. One person would dunk the donut in chocolate, and the other person would get it out. The difficult and messy part of the game comes when the players must use their teeth to pass and dunk the donuts. The team with the most chocolate soaked donuts would win, and in the end the donuts would be shared.

Matilda had always thought that the game was messy, but at least it was safe, and everybody liked it. "Besides," she thought, "the game will only last five minutes. If it was any longer then we’d run out of donuts."

Meanwhile in the control room, Johnathan and Malefaco were piloting the ship to Chikyuu. "There she is, my brother, Chikyuu," Malefaco announced as he and Johnathan guided the ship.

"Yes, she is a beautiful planet," Johnathan contemplated Chikyuu with admiration.

"And so we’ll be landing in just several more hours," Malefaco indicated while thinking how great the show they were going to put up would be.

"So do you think the people of Chikyuu will like the circus?" Johnathan asked his brother.

"Well, we hardly ever get bad reviews from the other planets we’ve performed in." Malefaco and Johnathan had a good laugh at that. Then they heard some kind of commotion from the living room. "What is going on over there?" Malefaco questioned the noise.

"Vegeta and Salada must’ve picked ‘Double Donut Dunk,’" Johnathan guessed by the sounds of the laughing.

"Oh darn, and we’re missing it," Malefaco groaned in despair. He really liked that game when Vegeta and Salada first told everyone about it when they joined the circus.

"Don’t worry, I’m sure that they might leave you some chocolate donuts," Johnathan laughed as they continue their trip to Chikyuu.

What will the people of Chikyuu will react when they see the circus? Will they get permission to perform on the planet? Would the circus will like to get to know the people? Plus meet most of the Z-fighters back in the early years. All this and more coming up in the next chapter of CL2

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