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by Brethesen

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While i was sick, i had to drive with my car a wee bit...

I look outside,
full moon reveals those barren fields,
and forest so dark,
as my car headlights unveils black asphalt,
with yellow and white lines.

I do not think, i just are,
listening to melodic death metal,
as i'm consumed from the inside,
a dicease both painful,
and weary.

My ivory colored face is hot from fever,
my eyes are tired,
and despaired,
as my eyelids are red like blood,
soft green light,
that illuminate from the speed indicator,
hurt's my eyes,
but not like the light,
like the passing car.

I've taken my med's,
but it doesn't seem to have any effect,
I snarl from the pain,
and keep myself on the road,
as black trees pass me,
and are replaced with long empty fields.

Loudspeakers jump up and down faster,
than the eye can see,
as the band start's a good solo part,
but still i can hear soft,
but all-piercing "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..." in my right ear,
It drives me nuts.

The strong light from the street lamp makes one to screw up his eyes,
the sign of home village,
the sign of temporaliry relief.

I drive to our front yard,
step out of the car,
lock the door,
and waddle towards the front door,
as cold autumn wind blows,
making me shiver inside my brown leather jacket.

With shaking hands i open the front door with my keys,
and enter the darkness of our house,
while i put on the lamps,
i also take off my shoes,
and jacket,
before i head straight towards the stairs.

Before falling to my bed,
i take my pills,
drink some water,
and silently curse and thank god for suffering.

Now into dreamless sleep, let me fall...

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