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Top 10 Advatages of Being Vegeta's Sis

by Animeiac

Libraries: Dragon Ball Z, Humor, One Shots

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This goes out to all my fellow authors who gives Vegeta a sister in their fics. I love you people.

Top 10 Advantages Of Being The Sister Of Vegeta


Mari (A.K.A Maricc, Maric, Mar, Anime-iac, and Animeiac)

Disclaimer: DBZ is the (c) property of Akira Toriyama.

Some of my favorite DBZ stories are the ones when Vegeta has a sister and I always wonder what's it like to be his sister. That is why I'm doing this top ten list. And here are options.

10. You can grab his hair and drag him around.

9. You can trick him into anything.

8. You get to be the protector of his family.

7. You get to spoil his kids.

6. You get to whack him if he says something stupid.

5. You are the only one that he is actually afraid of. (But only if you are in a bad mood)

4. You and him can have eating contests.

3. You get to date someone that he hates other than Goku. (Most likely to be Piccolo)

2. You get to train his daughter on how to be a proper saiyan princess.

1. You get to tell embarrassing stories about him when he was a kid to Bulma.

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