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To You

by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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Its what I was feeling as I wrote this and how I have felt for a while. I posted it because it is something that I hold very close to me.

I stare down the empty road
Searching for what’s missing
I try to squint; I try to see the code
But all of it is misleading.
You say it; you say it all the time
And never once did I deny
That I love you for every dime
But why is it, you like to make me cry?
These tears that fall, are always for you
And they fall every night, because of all your lies
I want you to stop, before I lose my youth
But is it already too late for the try?
You turn your back when you know you’ve done wrong
Slowly walking away when I tell you to stop
Because you don’t know how, your urge is too strong
You like me to hurt, but you wont bring a mop.
Even though my tears wet the floor
Soaking through until you find it reaches the core
And how life hurts because of your faults
And how I love you, You painful brother.

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